Destiny: Highs Or Lows, I’ve Written A Lot About It

Yesterday was the official gameplay premiere of Destiny 2, and I could not be more excited. It looks as though logical and welcome changes have been made, and the gameplay looks better than ever.

That got me thinking about my history with Destiny. I had zero hype leading up to the initial release. I was only playing it because a friend of mine (Grunts!) suggested we play it together, so I pre-ordered it. What ended up happening was that we played through the main campaign together then he went off to other games and I became mildly obsessed with Destiny.

At one point, my partner and I both wanted to play Destiny together so badly that we actually bought a second PS4 and and television just so we could.

That’s some solid game love right there.

All that general excitement for Destiny 2 made me wonder just how many times I’d written directly about Destiny (not including my Status Reports and monthly game challenges), so here we go: a roundup of most every piece I’ve historically written about Destiny.

Just weeks after the game released, I wrote about the insane amount of farming I was doing for better loot. It was impacting my sleep. And not just a little.

Five days later, I wrote about having a possible Destiny addiction where the first line pretty well sums it up: I know the tagline for Destiny is “Become Legend” but it should really be: “Become Unproductive In Reality.”

A short while later, I wrote about Destiny being my first real taste of anonymous online multiplayer, and how it wasn’t necessarily a good time.

A few weeks later, I ended up meeting a player who was so good at the Crucible, it pushed me to work harder and to play better. I still miss that guy.

You may be surprised to find out that Destiny made it into my top ten games of 2014.

My pursuit of the Swordbreaker in Crota’s End drove me to think about coveting items that don’t physically exist.

A short while later, I took to musing about teamwork and how it shakes out when six different people are trying to work together for a common goal.

At the point I wrote this particular piece, I’d been playing a lot more Crucible and had come to lament lag.

I have always raved about the PS4 screenshot function, and in this piece, I had several of my favorite Destiny screenshots from my early time with the game.

Oh man. I forgot all about this until I just looked back at it: my first actually negative experience with party chat. Nuts.

This may not be directly about Destiny, but in this particular piece, I’d mused on memorable bosses. In doing so, I mentioned an enemy type from Destiny that shared a similarity to a sound Wart (from Super Mario Bros. 2) makes, and what an amusing person referred to those enemies as.

I am no stranger to writing awful poetry, but this was a more freeform ode to my loyal Destiny ghost. I don’t often like things I’ve written, but I seem to have fond memories of this one.

When House of Wolves dropped, it became apparent that I wasn’t a desirable gaming companion, and I took it hard. It’s never easy realizing people don’t want to play with you.

Nerfs and buffs are a part of balancing any ongoing gaming environment but, in some cases, I’d like to remind developers that games are meant to be fun and, sometimes, that means a super difficult weapon to obtain should probably retain its crazy perks.

Oh man. Moments of Triumph required that I defeat Skolas (I shudder just thinking of the time investment back then), but it also brought me one of my favorite gaming companions, and for that I will always be grateful.

I never understood the dislike for the Dinklebot. I thought his voice was perfect for the role, and I much prefer him to the Northbot. This was my eulogy for Dinklebot.

When The Taken King dropped, it turned my priorities upside down. I was foregoing sleeping and eating to play more Destiny. It was glorious.

Remember how much I like screenshots? Here is a Destiny-specific edition!

When Bungie introduced microtransactions to Destiny, I was conflicted…and partook. I know, I know.

Once upon a time I had to complete some Crucible quests, and I became concerned that my gaming skill was in question. Now, I just realize I was never very good at the Crucible. It also weirds me out that when I play Crucible, I am digitally shooting representations of actual people in the face and they are doing the same to me. I try not to think too much about it.

During various real-time events in games, if I’m not taking part, I feel like I’m missing out. Between events in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Destiny’s original Festival of the Lost, I was drawn in.

I think the April update last year made me temporarily lose my mind.

Ahh, yet another time when I proved weak to the microtransactions in Destiny. Stupid Sterling Treasure boxes.

Anyone who has sunk time into Destiny knows the RNG can be a real jerk. At this point in the game, I was getting more than a little annoyed at the random number generator.

Rise of Iron made me question what I think an expansion is worth, a question I know is subjective.

When people figured out how to obtain the Outbreak Prime, and the work involved in getting it, I made the decision to pass on that particular quest.

Late last year I reached another personal low with Destiny. I don’t love it any less, but I was definitely feeling down about the overall experience.

It’s impossible for me to talk about my time in Destiny without also talking about some of my favorite co-op partners. This piece is particularly amusing (to me) due to the images of my pup Cloud I used in lieu of not having images of most of my co-op partners.

Not all that long ago, I wrote about the rampant hate some people get for liking certain games and how that makes absolutely no sense to me. People should be free to like what they want (so long as they aren’t hurting anyone else).

The last major piece I wrote that had to do with Destiny was about trying to resist the collector’s edition. I managed to resist but, due to being sick and not getting to GameStop in time, I missed out on getting to pre-order the limited edition of Destiny 2.

WHEW! I have no idea if anyone will find themselves interested enough to click on any of those, but holy good gravy I’ve written about Destiny a lot. I think the proof is in the pudding as far as my affections go.

With that I ask, what will you be playing this weekend?

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  1. I found that really interesting to see how your time with the game progressed and contributed to all of those articles. There are so many interesting discussions that you raised based upon your time with Destiny.

    Ultimately while I greatly enjoyed my time with the game I feel like I should have went back to it at some point. I still think about that from time to time, but it seems like it would be a little daunting at this point. So for now, I’ll be playing Prey this weekend. I’ve only just started but I’m really impressed by it so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Looking back at all of them, it was strange to see the highs and lows with a bit of distance.

      The good part is, the servers will still be active so you can always go back if you’d like. I bet I know at least one person who’d be happy to play with you.

      I’m glad you are enjoying Prey! I hope to start it sooner than later, myself. :)


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