Farm, Farm, Farming Away…

destiny 03


In reality, a noble profession. A necessary profession. An under-appreciated profession.

In games, a topic of divisive nature.

This past week I’ve found myself farming for better loot in Destiny. A lot. More than is probably healthy. Here is the running commentary in my head each night:

“Should I stop farming (after several hours) and go to bed so I can get up and go to the gym in the morning?”

“Nope. More loot. Always more loot. And go to the gym anyway, tired or not.”

“Sure thing, self! More loot it is!”

This whole issue was compounded after I read an article on Game Informer detailing how best to continue your progress after reaching level 20. It talked about this wondrous “loot cave” and I had to check it out.

Big mistake.

Since learning about the loot cave, I’ve spent no less than eight hours farming it. That may not seem like a lot, but it was enough that I started to wonder, why am I farming at all? I am spending real hours of my life farming for digital loot in a digital world so I can better defeat the digital bad guys in a game with almost no story.


Don’t get me wrong, I have farmed dozens and dozens of hours in Borderlands (both the first and the second) with few regrets. A couple of those weapons made a huge difference (the Blockhead, anyone?). But ultimately, what is it all for?

I have no good answer.

I also had to look up the actual difference between “farming” and “grinding.” Turns out grinding is mainly to level up, and farming is to acquire more (and presumably, better) loot. Information! Knowledge!

So, my friends, forgive me if this post is a bit “looser” than most. I’m operating on a small amount of sleep and a lot of caffeine. And I’ve already nodded off twice while writing. My apologies.

Now, off I go to take a disco nap. So I can get up in a couple of hours and farm. Again.


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