An Ode To My Loyal Destiny Ghost

ghost 01

Dear Ghost,

I love how you are always there with me, even if I haven’t touched my touchpad on my PS4 controller. I love how when I do touch the touchpad, you immediately come to see me like a faithful friend. I love how even though I can change my clothes (read: shader), I can somehow never do the same for you, even though I see you more than I see myself.

I love how every time we see a “complicated” computer system that you want to hack, I have to defend both you and I until the requisite amount of time goes by before your super intelligent ghost brain figures it out. I also love that it takes you that long to hack a computer, when you could raise me from the dead in about a fifth of the time.

Ghost, you’re a mystery. A delightful little ghost mystery.

I love that you read me stories about the lore of Destiny, as I will likely never read my Grimoire cards (even though I like seeing my Grimoire score), and though many people disagree, I like your sonorous voice.

I love that you come out of wherever you hide when I am in dark places so I can see better. You are the nicest flashlight I’ve ever had.

I love that you make jokes during cutscenes, as we both have to sit through them, and no, I will never call you “Little Light.”

I love that you help me find the right types of patrol missions to do (read: collecting items or killing baddies), as otherwise, I would spend far more time doing them than I’d like.

I also love that you come to see me each time I want to access my Sparrow. And as I am whipping around corners, I know you feel the wind in your metallic hair, too.

Ghost, you are my Destiny Bestie (dear goodness, how I am not a fan of that word), a stalwart companion in a world gone crazy in an extremely repetitive way. Yet somehow, we saddle up again and again, and secretly (or not so secretly), we both love it.

Ghost: thank you for being my loyal companion during these times in our lives. I know you’ve got my back in the slowest way possible, and I (through necessity and probably free-will) will always have yours.

Ghost, stay classy.

Your Guardian (in every way),


P.S. Here’s looking at you, Ghost!

ghost 02 png

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  1. Nice! Like a touching dedication with maybe a little bit of roast. I too think his voice is just fine and don’t understand all the hate about Dinklage’s work here. As a professional actor, I imagine he provided exactly what the director was looking for.


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