My Endless Glee With The PS4 Screen Capture Function

(Don’t I look adorable in my festive Jackolyte?)

The very first game I can recall being able to take a screenshot in was Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The game was so adorable, I found myself using the feature regularly.

Though I got a PS4 at launch, I didn’t really start using the Share button until I played the Destiny First Look Alpha. I took (what I consider) a hilarious video of a group of strangers and myself making our sparrows “dance.” Please note: I’ve still not figured out how to edit that video down to a 30 second clip. Also please note: it’s my every intention to do so before the release of the PS5.

When Destiny was released, I made some lovely new friends, and we got up to some silly antics that prompted me to begin really using the Share button to take screenshots. It wasn’t until I had to clear up the hard drive a bit the other day that I realized I had over 3GB just of screenshots. After looking through them, I got a sincere giggle.

So friends, allow me to share my silliness as a light way to kick off the burgeoning weekend.

I look so proud. A hunter with a smile. And three eyes, but, you know, whatever.

Sometimes you’re just gonna need to sit in a tube with your friends.

I think we’re gonna need to scale that tree. I mean, like, for reals, now.

We super made it up here. And what a view.

Sometimes you and your friends are going to get festive. And then have a sit down to think about just how festive you are.

The Speaker is fine and everything, but I’m really more about sitting in these pretty orbs.

Doing my best Assassins Creed impression.

Could there be any more thralls in this particular spot? (Answer: nope.)

Terribly amused with the fact that I could see my shadow. I can even see the nuances of my helmet.

Dying Light_20150222215401
While playing Dying Light, I came across one of the saddest images I’ve seen in a game. This was inside a closet I opened. There was no one inside. Just this lantern, teddy, and the melancholy drawing.

Dying Light_20150222230558
What my friend and I affectionately refer to as “crack bags.”

Dying Light_20150223160049
After I defeated this bad guy, he stayed levitated in the air. He looks like he is doing a jaunty jig.

Dying Light_20150223175851
A far happier image from Dying Light.

Minecraft: PlayStation®4 Edition_20150125041903
My first foray into Minecraft and I managed to tame a puppy. We had a nice time at the beach. We are friends.

Minecraft: PlayStation®4 Edition_20150125045634
A glorious rendering of Bub from Bubble Bobble. A friend made this for me one day when I was feeling awfully sick.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more screenshots to take. :)

I wish each of you a lovely weekend. Cheers, friends!

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