Destiny And The RNG Are Making Me Cranky

holding exotic engram

I had every intention of writing something other than this today. I had my ideas all lined up, yet all I could think about was how cranky I’ve become because of Destiny and the nonsense surrounding it.

I know, I know, I’ve written about Destiny frequently lately. I’ve written about how I felt ashamed of myself for buying a passel of Sterling Treasure boxes, and I’ve written about how Destiny made my brain melt. Historically, I’ve written about the various struggles I’ve come across in the overall Destiny experience, but after the recent April update, the frustrations are mounting and I’m not sure how to process them.

The RNG (random number generator) has always been a thing of ire. For a select few, it seems like it is working in their favor, but, for me, it seems the RNG is pretty consistently giving me the gleeful middle finger.

I’m going to be really honest: I play a lot of Destiny. I do a lot of activities that help me level up with various people (e.g.: the Cryptarch, Shaxx, my current faction, Variks), and, while others I play with continue to get gear that assists them in actively getting their light level higher, I seem to get a laughably bad roll of the dice each time.

Variks, our new best friend who controls all things Prison of Elders, has been giving those around me weapons and gear that help them level up. Want to know what he has given me EVERY single time I’ve leveled up with him?

A cloak.

Sometimes, it’s not even as high as my current light level, therefore it’s useless. This keeps happening while those around me are getting weapon after weapon, and gear piece after gear piece.

I wish Destiny had an area where I could just punch a stuffed version of Variks over and over. Just to get my frustrations out. Honestly, I wouldn’t even use it, but it would be nice to know it was there.

google rng

Earlier today I was looking up Destiny’s RNG via Google, and I got the above results. I think that explains it better than any amount of words I could assemble. Particularly the last one. If you had asked me before Destiny if numbers could hate, I would have laughed.

Now, I take a deep breath, sigh, and try not to get frustrated.

I have been putting in crazy hours with Destiny, and it seems like everyone else is managing to level up with relative ease while I reside stubbornly in Struggletown. Add to that some other constellating issues, and you have one very cranky person.

I’ve touched on the subject before, but this past week I’ve been thinking a lot about online etiquette. I understand and am understanding of many things, but certain types of behavior baffle me. People who never respond to online messages. People who say they will be on at a set time and aren’t and never let you know.

People have left me hanging a lot.

It doesn’t feel good. It feels like I’m the least “cool kid” at school.

This past week my partner was using LFG to find people to team up for Trials of Osiris. One team he was with experienced some online weirdness (one of them was dropped mid-match). So, at the next round, the other person just left without saying anything. How weird is that? At least have some decency and let the person know you are leaving. I suppose a lot of this comes down to common courtesy.

Destiny ends up putting me in proximity of people I’m not sure I can count on. Some people say they want to do certain activities at a certain time, then they disappear and don’t respond until the next day even though they are online. Other people say they will be right back, then never come back and don’t say anything. I’m tired of chasing people down to play a game that’s already being lousy to me.

I love Destiny. I do. I just don’t love how the game is treating me, and I don’t love all the random, somewhat junky interactions I’ve had recently. All these things mixed together make a hearty stew of frustration. And I think I’m getting full.

Have you ever had a game you loved, but that, due to various reasons, you felt that you should step away from? If so, which game? How did you react to the situation?

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  1. Lol every game. Hearthstone, D3’s rng, hots, even wow. RNG is a fickle beast that shits on you over and over until you least expect it. I spent 3 years trying to get a mount that my friend got on the 1st drop. The moment you start to think you’re entitled to something in game – that’s when it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. Have to train your zen pretty hard in the face of rng drops.

    And flaky people are flaky people. The internet fosters this trait. There’s a reason that the top competitive guilds/clans/groups/whatever in any game are always highly regulated, tightly knit, and disciplinary. It’s because doing anything with any consistency in an online game with other people is just herding cats. I don’t think I’d take it super personally…it’s just part of the waters you are forced to swim in when endgame content requires group play. My gamer buddy who is a top tier Destiny guy raids the same nights with the same people at the same time consistently. It’s the only way to get anything done.


    • That actually makes a lot of sense. I suppose I have been feeling entitled to higher rated gear, but also only because Bungie said that’s what would be available to people doing the activities I’m doing.

      I believe it. I wish I had a regular raid party, but I don’t, and I do wonder if part of that is that I’m not a desirable team member for whatever reason. I hold my own and retain information well, so I can only assume I’m just not a likeable team member. That’s depressing all by itself.

      I will try to take your advice though and not take it personally. I just wish things were different, you know?


      • Speaking as a longtime wow raider, getting started out is the hardest thing to do. It’s so much easier to maintain a certain level of raiding once you have a decent resume filled up. Just keep in mind that there are a bunch of other people in your same position looking for the same thing. Well, with varying levels of commitment.


  2. I’m sorry that Destiny is being a bitch to you lately. As for you’re question I sorta have had that experience mainly due to me getting tired of a game.


  3. I’ve seen first hand that the RNG has been less than kind to you. I’ve also been among those who have failed to be there when I said I would. It’s something that makes me feel just as shity, that I didn’t keep my word. I’m working on being better at that, and I hope I’m not a major source of the crankiness you’ve had toward the game recently. I hope you can push past the block, I’d be loosing an amazing Destiny partner.


    • Aw, thanks. My frustration and crankiness stems from an amalgam of sources, not just one. I think keeping people apprised of things is an easy way to respect other’s time. It only takes a moment.

      I think the worst of it is when someone does that to my partner. When people say they will be there (and aren’t) or they drop out silently just peeves me. His time is so limited to play, I just want better for him.

      In summary, I am still open to playing Destiny, but oh man, I’m feeling burnt on what I’ve been getting back from it. If I don’t see better drops soon, I’m going to have to put more of my time elsewhere.


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