Destiny Addiction

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I know the tagline for Destiny is “Become Legend” but it should really be: “Become Unproductive In Reality.”

I don’t know what it is about this game, but it has sucked. me. in.

I was online last night playing with a friend, and I said to him, “This game is bland and engaging and I can’t stop playing it or thinking about it.”

He said: “That is exactly my experience.”

The planets available are limited. The environments are reused to a silly degree. The ways in which you must level up are numerous and somewhat confusing (especially to a newcomer). You must collect an insane number of upgrade items to level up your best weapons and gear. The bounties and strikes are repetitive.

And all I can think about is playing more of it.

I have been rushing through my other responsibilities just so I can play more Destiny.

I’ve been set upon increasing my Vanguard level (currently at 1.5), my Crucible level (currently 1.75), and then, once those are leveled up, beginning my leveling within the New Monarchy.

And then leveling my Sunslinger subclass.

What do all these things mean!? None of them are even real (in the reality sense of real).

What is real is how this game has already connected me with others. There are people I have become friends with via Game Informer and we had always talked about connecting online to play something together. I have now played Destiny with more people than I have with any other game. It’s pretty remarkable how games can bring us together.

This is also the first game I’ve ever even tried playing online multiplayer (yes, really!). Turns out, I’m not terribly good at it, but then, I’m still attaining better levels and gear, so I have hope. It’s an interesting challenge, albeit one that makes me jittery and swear a little more than I should.

And yet, I can’t stop coming back for more.

Destiny, I wasn’t that excited for your release, and I certainly didn’t care about your season pass. Now, I am retroactively excited, and I am on board for your season pass.

I’d love to write more, but those levels won’t level themselves. So until next time, planet hopping I will be.

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