The Lengths We Will Go To For Intangible Items

year one moments of triumph

Once upon a time, I had no feelings about Destiny one way or another. I bought it at release to play with a friend (which we did), and when he moved on, I got further and further into it. Because of Destiny, I started playing with people I didn’t know (a first for me online), and I made my entry into the world of online multiplayer (something I had never considered doing prior) via the Crucible. I made some genuinely wonderful friends because of the game, and I sort of lost those same friends within the game, and the whole thing has been a strange ride.

A couple of months back, I decided to hang up my Hunter’s cloak, my Warlock’s robes, and my Titan’s sash thingy thinking I may never get back into the game because of some very strange reasons which had nothing to do with the actual game.

But then two things happened.

First: Game Informer did their cover story on The Taken King and it intrigued me. It wasn’t until I watched their video coverage that I felt drawn back in. Both the print and online coverage reminded me of so many things I loved about Destiny.

And second: Bungie sent me an email telling me all the fun things I could get (in-game) if I was eligible.

I was eligible for the Founder’s Fortune pack, but I was one task shy of their Moments of Triumph requirements: I had yet to beat Skolas in the Prison of Elders.

The Prison had been sort of a sore subject for me, as that’s when a lot of things fell apart with three different groups I used to play with on a somewhat regular basis. It was difficult for me to separate my feelings surrounding the activity from the activity itself, and over the last few months, I just didn’t bother trying. I’m sure if I had tried harder, I could have, but I didn’t.

So when I saw that was the only thing on my checklist that I hadn’t accomplished, I did, what was for me, the unthinkable: I considered contacting some of the people I used to play with to ask for help.

And I did. It was awkward, and the one person I wrote to was beyond kind and agreed to help me. They had no reason to do so, but it meant a lot to me that they would be willing.

We got a good start, but time and activities got in the way, and we weren’t able to connect with another person to attempt Skolas. So I put out feelers online for people, but no one was available. One person let me know they would have helped me if they had only seen my message the night before.

I had been encouraged to use the LFG forums, but the few times I’d been paired up with folks that way, the experiences weren’t so great. So I felt wary.

Then out of the blue today, the person who had initially tried to help me found me someone who was willing to help me. And I was floored that anyone would go to such lengths to help me reach this digital goal. I was so happy I almost couldn’t contain myself.

So this weekend, I will pair up with the friend of a friend (and hopefully one other) to (hopefully) take down Skolas once and for all.

And all of this for…

year one emblem

…this emblem.


I wish I didn’t care about things like this, but I do. This emblem means something, perhaps more so to me. For me, this emblem is a victory over my own weirdness about the events surrounding the game. This emblem might even signify a fresh start.

So thank you goes to my friend who tried to help me and found someone. You know who you are.

And if you’ll excuse me, I have weapons to level up so I won’t be a drag in the Prison. That Word of Crota won’t level itself.

Have you ever gone to great lengths to accomplish something in a game? If so, which game and what did you do?

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  1. What springs to mind the quickest is probably trophies, the ones that took an inordinate amount of time. Playing Infamous all the way through twice to be both good and bad, making all of the possible decisions and relationships in Dragon Age: Origins, playing Demon’s Souls through 3 and a half times to acquire all of the weapons, among the worst offenders. So, not so much intangible in-game items, but intangible nonetheless. I think I’m better about letting them go now once the fun part of the game stops, but if I’m still enjoying the game it’s pretty easy to keep playing repeatedly if there are unclaimed trophies.


      • I’m currently working on the platinum for Sacred 2. I’ve finally done everything except unlock the higher difficulty levels, which requires the campaign be beat on each easier level first. I’m still having a great time with it and I’ve discovered I can easily play it while catching up on TV shows or podcasts. Multi-tasking for the win!


        • Don’t you love it when you can do that? I find it so satisfying sometimes to do my daily nonsense in Destiny while listening to the GI show or something else GI puts out. It just feels good.

          Multitasking air five!

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