001 portfolio (1999)

In 1998 I started a gig as a professional photographer. My specialty (at the time) was portrait work; my philosophy was that you couldn’t take a bad photograph of someone if they were being themselves. So I would wait. And wait. And then wait as long as necessary. And eventually, there they were.

Below, are several images excerpted from my travel photography portfolio.


002 portfolio (2000)

Paris, 2000


003 portfolio (2000)

Place des Vosges, Paris, 2000


004 portfolio (2000)

Place des Vosges, Paris, 2000


005 portfolio (2001)

Florence, Italy, 2001


006 portfolio (2001)

Siena, Italy, 2001


007 portfolio (2001)

Siena, Italy, 2001


008 portfolio (2001)

Siena, Italy, 2001


009 portfolio (2004)

Thailand, 2004


010 portfolio (2004)

Thailand, 2004


011 portfolio (2009)

The Huntington Library, California, 2009


012 portfolio (2011)

Portland, Oregon, 2011

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  1. these photos made me swell with emotion. I don’t know if its the eyes through which they were firsthand seen and taken or if its the glory of the places and the scenes that are highlighted. Probably a combination of both. They are exquisite, each one.


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