Hilarious PSN Names: Part 9 (Massive Double Stuf Edition!)

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And we’re back!

The last time I complied one of these lists, it was over a year ago! My how time flies. Here’s hoping this robust list of silly PSN names I’ve encountered stirs up a giggle for you.

God knows they did for me when I encountered them in the field. Or, you know, in digital space while playing Destiny.

(Be forewarned, I numbered them, but I’m fond of all them.)

#20: Destiny Clan Name: Are You Ok
I don’t know why, but I thought this was hilarious. Probably because it was intended for someone to see it after being shot by them in the Crucible.

#19: CorruptedClown
Clowns don’t inherently bother me, and I tend to find amusement parks atmospheric and clowns are an element of that atmosphere. The idea that there is a corrupt clown, well, it not only fits in well with some of the news stories I’ve read recently, but it gives me plenty of food for thought.

#18: DaDoopDaDoop
Some names I come across just make me involuntarily say them out loud. This name did that. And then I couldn’t stop saying it. The more I said it, the funnier it got. Maybe you had to be there. Or maybe not.

#17: Turdfly
I tend to have a fairly juvenile sense of humor which is only heightened when I’m playing certain games. Fart is still one of the funniest words I can see in print (I occasionally print out just that word and put it on the fridge to amuse myself), and butts and poop puns aren’t super far behind.

I don’t know exactly what a turd fly is, but I assume it’s just a pretentious standard fly who likes titles.

#16: BRO_Weasel
Weasels are amusing creatures anyway, but a BRO weasel has me intrigued. Is it a frat style weasel wearing sandals with socks and carrying a brew? I don’t know. I think that’s half the fun. Which takes me to…

#15: PartyFerrets
Party ferrets must find themselves in the same circles as the aforementioned BRO weasel. I imagine a group of ferrets with ferret-sized Solo cups, also perhaps wearing sandals with socks, and maybe even carrying cans of silly string. Again, I can only speculate.

#14: RonSwansonator
One can only assume this is a machine to turn people, plants, and animals, into various versions of Ron Swanson. Or it’s simply a computer program to Swanson-up any and every thing.

#13: SoggyWafllez
Okay, this just made me sad. Sad, sad, soggy wafllez (hey, I can’t take credit for the spelling). I hope one day his (or her) waffles become crispy and delicious again.

#12: HugYouUpBro
I like this guy! Of all the weird and unpleasant names I come across (and there are some really awful ones), I liked this person’s profile name immediately. It sounds like he is offering to give out hugs. How nice is that? Sometimes, you just need a hug.

#11: Poopypants2112
Remember when I touched on my juvenile humor? Yeah…this name amused the crap out of me, no pun intended. It also reminded me of something my brother would often say, so that only added to the name.

P.S. When I was little I heard the term “butt nugget” somewhere, and it became my go to phrase for people who weren’t nice. We lived next door to a church, and one Sunday morning I ran around our yard and, for no discernible reason, yelled, “BUTT NUGGET! BUTT NUGGET!!!” while my oldest brother chased after me telling me to be quiet. It didn’t work. I just kept yelling it. Oddly, that’s one of my earliest memories.

#10: Myst_Buttwave
I just don’t even know. Is a butt wave a fart? And just seeing fart again made me smile, so even the hint of fart is funny to me. Or does this name have more to do with the game Myst? If so, then how does Buttwave figure in? I’m so puzzled, but that goes right along with the Myst theme.

#9: TheWetSalami
This joke is obvious and ridiculous. I mean, this person has to tell people this name if he wants them to find him (or her) on PSN. I can’t imagine telling someone, “Hey! You can find me on PSN at TheWetSalami.”

#8: PrincessBarf
The juxtaposition of a princess and the word barf really tickled me.

Also, is the barf of a real life princess glittery? I suppose it should be.

#7: Mr_Newdles
This was another name I couldn’t stop saying out loud. I kept putting emphasis on the “new” so I was saying, “Mister NEWWWDLES!” After a while I was even annoying myself so I had to stop.


#6: Baffles
Another one for the sad, yet funny, pile. I enjoyed this one on many levels, yet it simultaneously made me sad. He’s Baffles.

#5: whathefrenchtost
Okay, now I know there are spelling errors here, but that’s exactly how it appeared. I’m terribly amused by certain “cover” lines for swears, but this seemed so G rated and perfect. What the French toast.

#4: DontGiveNoPoops
I like proper grammar, but this is an exception. This person gives no poops. I’m assuming that means in general. I don’t know if this is good or bad. Are they avoiding drama (yay!), or removed from life (sad)? I may never know.

Also “poops” is a funny word.

#3: ChedChumply
Okay, this is funny to me by proxy. On a particular television show, there was a newscaster named Perd Hapley. Someone once referred to him as “Turd Crapley” which I found unspeakably hilarious. For some reason, Ched Chumply was close enough that I erupted into giggles when I saw it.

I love that this is in all caps, as if to convey just how worried this particular burrito is. I was intrigued by this person’s handle and just watched, mesmerized, as they wandered around the tower.

I also wish they weren’t so worried. Sorry, WORRIED.

#1: DeluxePoptarts
Okay, this is going to take a little explanation, so bear with me.

I was doing the Archon’s Forge with a friend from my regular raid team. This particular person uses a lot of slang and is just funny in general.

While we were doing one of the events, he was referring to another player in the arena and said something to the effect of, “Deluxe Poptarts over here is doing some heavy lifting.” I thought he was just referring to some dude who was also playing and that “Deluxe Poptarts” was slang and meant a badass. Turns out, it was the person’s PSN ID, and I just lost it. My friend had no idea why until I explained it, then he erupted into giggles and we were both pretty well lost to laughter. Occasionally, I will still refer to someone who is doing really well as a “Deluxe Poptarts.” It makes me smile every time.


What are some names that you have come across that made you amused? I’d love to hear about them!

With that I wish you a safe and enjoyable weekend. What will you be playing? Cheers, friends!

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  1. Some of the names I’ve seen on PSN lately makes me wonder if Sony actually enforces their policy on explicit/sexual content. I haven’t played Overwatch in a few days and with the Halloween event ending Tuesday I wanna play it,other then that probably Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Battlefield 1.


  2. Those are some funny names. There are a few that come to mind and it’s mostly from my time playing CoD multiplayer. One was someone named p0pc0rn who I met in a match and would always cheer when I used my rocket launcher in my loadout to destroy opposing team killstreaks. I always remembered that since I found it so funny. The other was someone named Abyssius who ended up getting the final kill on me to win the match and during the killcam said over the mic “You will remember the name Abyssius!” all melodramatically. He was right. I never laughed so much during a CoD match ever!

    I guess it’s only fair that I named my character something strange in Archeage. When I was deciding to name my character it was during football season and I decided to name him Chickenparm due to the Peyton Manning Nationwide ads. For the short length of time I played, I and my friend found it endlessly amusing to see an elf named Chickenparm wandering the world.

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