My Halloween Digital Dance Card Is Full Of Goodness


Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday. I love the change in seasons (in theory), I love the color palette, I love the whimsy, and I love so much more than I can put my finger on.

I just adore Halloween.

I’m a little in love with the various developers creating limited time events in their games to celebrate this time of year. Right now, three games I’ve spent a lot of time in are having their own celebrations, and it’s delightful as hell.


Right now, Destiny is hosting the Festival of the Lost. I loved last year’s festival, and this year’s is even more involved (in the best way). There are silly masks that allow you to look like your guardian got all crafty with some spare cardboard and sticky tape. You collect candy from baddies while wearing those masks, and you turn each candy satchel in for treats. You can even find a spare broom in the tower to use as a limited time sparrow.

I love that the Tower (and Felwinter Peak) gets gussied up for the event, with purple candles and flecks of light dancing around. If you listen closely, you can also hear some spooky sounds.

It’s entrancing. I just want to play more of it.

And so help me, I will get the ghost Ghost. That thing is adorable as hell.


When Overwatch released, I played a veritable ton of it. After a lot of nonsense involving spammy teams of all one hero (it got very old), I lost my drive to play as much as I had been. Then I put it aside for good, without actually intending to.

Cue up the Halloween Terror event and you have my attention.

Blizzard has always been good about coming up with beautiful skins for your hero, but they outdid themselves with this event. I was dead set on that Mercy witch skin (and got it!), and I wasn’t alone in that desire! The internet was aflutter with people clamoring to get that particular skin.

I still need to try the PvE experience, Junkenstein’s Revenge, and I intend to this weekend.


I may have tapered off of Pokemon Go a while back, but when I heard there would be a Halloween event with the above Pokemon appearing more often (and candy being increased), I booted it up directly! I love Pokemon, and this was all the impetus I needed to dive back in.


I love that game developers seem to have such fun with Halloween. This time of year always makes me think about the Borderlands DLC,  The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. It was so well done and so steeped in both Borderlands humor as well as Halloween goodness, it was a genuine treat.

Borderlands 2 had the headhunter pack, TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest (which, aesthetically, was fantastic), but it was terribly short, and felt a bit empty. It was fun, but nothing compared to The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Just thinking about that DLC makes me want to go back and play it!

With all the wonderful Halloween themed experiences out there, I’m having a hard time putting any of them down for newer fare. Are you taking part in any digital Halloween festivities? If so, which game? What do you like best about it? What holiday is your favorite to play in games?

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  1. I have been playing a lot of the Overwatch Halloween event. I have gotten most of the skins except for 4 I think. I’d be happy to play Junkenstein’s revenge with you. I like fall/winter themes in games no matter the game.


    • Jeez, nice! And thank you, I’d love to play it before the event is over.

      I do, too. I love seasons in games. Another reason I adored Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Every time the season started to change, it made me giddy.


  2. Hey Rebekah! Started not to comment. I think that the Baba Yaga(sp.) DLC for TR can be mentioned for Halloween. It was unexpected how they drew that part of the story. Also, I think we can add TT’ Batman series to this discussion for similar reasons. Thoughts?


    • Hey Richard!

      I’m not sure I understand?

      I take your word on the Baba Yaga DLC. Sadly I haven’t gotten to play it yet. I hope to this week!

      I’m curious to know your thoughts on why TT’s Batman would be considered a Halloween experience? I haven’t played any of it, so I’m unsure.


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