November Game Challenge: Week One (Go Big Or Go Home)



This past week I played my least favorite game: sickness. Huddled on the couch, barely eating, drinking lots of tea, and trying to keep both my head and my stomach from exploding everywhere took most of my concentration.

Needless to say, my gaming was at a minimum.

I did squeak out some Destiny (I know, everyone’s shocked), but I’m feeling more and more ready to not only play it a little (or a lot) less, but to also embrace some of the massive new releases coming down the pipeline.

Which brings me to…

My November game challenge: blockbusters.

There are a few blockbuster games that have released already this year (e.g.: Far Cry: Primal, Mafia III) that I’ve yet to get to, as well as three heavy hitters coming this month including two that I’m itching to get my hands on: Dishonored 2 and Pokemon Sun.


And that’s not even to speak of all the other blockbusters in my backlog! I’m focusing on the blockbusters for the current generation of consoles. My full list of options (past and present) is as follows:

2016 Releases:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone expansions
Far Cry: Primal
Mafia III
Rise of the Tomb Raider (on PS4 with DLC)
Dishonored 2
Watch Dogs 2
Pokemon Sun

Older Releases:

Assassins Creed: Syndicate
Batman: Arkham Knight
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
The Evil Within
Fallout 4
LittleBigPlanet 3
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Wolfenstein: The New Order

Those are a whole lot of exciting prospects and I’m happy to take any recommendations from that list.

Even though I played Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One, I’ve been feeling the pull to play it again on PS4. I really want to get to the Baba Yaga DLC sooner than later, but I almost feel guilty about it, which I find strange. I’m sure it’s simply because we are so close to the end of the year (seriously, where has this year gone?), but I find myself wanting to maximize my gaming time all the more.

So go figure I was sick all this past week. Stupid health nonsense.

I’m ready to start jumping in to these bigger experiences. I know they will take longer to complete, but I don’t want that to deter me from diving in in the first place. Often when I start a new game that I’ve put off, I wonder why I didn’t start it sooner.

My current plan is to start in on Rise of the Tomb Raider (guilt be d*mned!), and hopefully I can play the Baba Yaga DLC separately from the main game. If not (and if gear carries over), I will just start the game from the beginning.

Oh! I’d also love to go back to BioShock: The Collection and at least finish the first BioShock. I got waylaid about a third of the way through, and I was in love with the remaster. It’s already my favorite game of all time, but the remaster made it better than ever.

What are you playing this week? What games releasing in November are you most looking forward to? What games from the above list do you think I should tackle first?

With that I wish you a happy Halloween. Please be safe out there, friends.

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  1. Advanced Warfare will be the easiest to complete time wise. I will still be working through Tomb Raider,I also have The Wolf Among Us,The Banner Saga,Shadow Complex Remastered,Battlefield 1,Overwatch which I probably will play. The only game I think I will get in November is Pokemon Moon.


    • Sheeesh! That’s a lot of games on your plate.

      I’m super excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon. I’ve never played a Pokemon with anyone, but perhaps we can try? I don’t even know how that works.

      And thank you for the heads up on Advanced Warfare!


    • Colton, TWAU great Telltale series. I myself, just finished ep. 3 of their Batman series. What an ending! Are you planning to jump into TT’ Batman series? I’d like to hear your thoughts, if you do! I too, like Colton, am still playing thru ROTR; I plan to start Battlefield 1 tonight hopefully. I also have PvZ:Garden Warfare on my backlog. Shocking, I know! Going to step away from modern shooters for a minute. Hence, Battlefield 1. Rebekah, how far have you gotten into TR, Tomb Raider. I am making my way back towards the village; trying to get the Atlas. Are you enjoying TR? The screenshots are amazing. No?! I have been posting screenshots like crazy. Best feature on PS4, agreed?


      • I loved The Wolf Among Us, however the load times were just awful. Also there was a ton of stuttering. I played it on PS3, so hopefully a lot of that isn’t an issue on current gen.

        I finished Tomb Raider when it came out on Xbox One, but for this playthrough I just unlocked the Baba Yaga DLC. I wish I had been able to play more this weekend, but still being sick sidelined me.

        I love a lot of features on the PS4, but screenshots are right up there. The ability to stream is also pretty amazing. When the Share feature was announced back at the PS4 reveal I remember thinking, “When am I ever going to use that?”

        Guess what, self? All the time.


        • Hey Rebekah! Where are you now in your TR playthrough? Just got to Jonah & reunited with Jacob & Sophia. Love the story, senery, & characters. How about you? Looking forward to picking up Mafia 3 once I get some Battlefield MP playtime in. I like the tone of the game; there’s nothing to keep me hooked SP wise. Thoughts?


          • I’m about 2/3 through, and I think I will finish today. And yes, the game looks great, for sure.

            I also need to get to Mafia III, but this isn’t the week for it. This week is DISHONORED 2!!!


            • Hey Rebekah! I’m in the home stretch too for TR. Looking to get Mafia 3 once I get a little MP time in with Battlefield 1. Are you doing a Game+ playthrough for TR? Thinking about going back through(sp.) for a few more rare or odd trophies. Thoughts?


              • Nice! I hope you enjoy the remainder of Tomb Raider. I haven’t gotten to Mafia III myself, yet.

                I’m not going to play New Game +, but I did finish the Baba Yaga DLC yesterday, and I’d like to do the other content before I put it down.


  2. I can’t wait for Dishonored 2! But I’m still torn on who to play as. My dilemma is that of course I want to play as Emily but I’ve bonded with Corvo. I just picked up Titanfall 2 and I’ve been happily piloting a gigantic robot. Friday is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare which is in space! Meanwhile, Dying Light, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are all still in the mix depending on my mood. I’m just hoping that I can log a gaming session for longer than an hour (which is hard to get without falling asleep while I play). Good luck tackling your gaming list too! Brave Fallout 4 if you dare to get sucked into the Wasteland until 2017!



      You know what’s funny? Me too! I mean, I will play as Emily the first time, but I do wonder about Corvo’s skills, too.

      The more I hear people say about Titanfall 2, the more I want to play it for myself. I didn’t love the beta, but I’m more interested in the campaign at this point.

      Oh man, just hearing you talk about Dying Light makes me want to go back and play it. I had such a good time with that game.

      Oh dear. That makes Fallout 4 sound even more daunting!


  3. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. I hope you feel better soon! I got Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 in the mail yesterday so I’m debating which one to start first. I want to play the multiplayer too and I’m worried I’ll get sucked into that for a while. I’m on the fence about Infinite Warfare, but I can’t rule out that possibility just yet though what I’ve seen of the multiplayer looks like Titanfall. Other than that, I think I’m good with November releases at the moment but that could change on a whim.

    A lot of your blockbuster games I haven’t gotten to yet either. If it’s just the campaign you’re interested in Advanced Warfare shouldn’t take too long. I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to play first!


    • Aw, thank you. I’m working on it, but my system seems to have other ideas.

      Wow! Two major shooters in one day! I keep hearing about people playing the campaign of Titanfall 2 and it’s making me cave on getting it.

      I would like to play Advanced Warfare, so hopefully I can knock that one out in an afternoon.


  4. That’s quite a list you’ve got there. The Evil Within would be a good place to start, if you like Resident Evil 4, you’ll get a kick out of it. Metal Gear Solid V is good, but the time sink is enormous even when taking out the side stuff. As for upcoming releases, I’m really looking forward to Dishonored 2. Whatever you choose, remember to have fun!


    • Believe it or not, I’ve never played Resident Evil 4! I just recently bought the PS4 remaster when it released, so I have no excuse now!

      But yes, The Evil Within (I accidentally just typed “The Weevil Within” which would be a very different game) and MGSV are right up there.

      Oh man, just a week from Dishonored 2!!! :)


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