History Repeats Itself And I Can Do What I Want!

super happy claymation kirby

I was all set to write about a different topic today when Facebook interjected something I found too amusing to ignore.

Lately, when I’ve logged in to Facebook, it has shown me “memories” of things I was doing in years past on the anniversary of any given day. That’s all fine and good (and, usually, uninteresting in my case), but today it showed me something that not only did I not remember, but that I was struck by the irony of.

It showed me a link I posted to a piece I wrote last year about my impending July game challenge: it was going to be survival horror month.

Now, for some of you, you already know that my July game challenge this year is survival horror themed.

I had zero recollection that I had done the same thing last July.

Weirder still was that in June of last year, I also completed Borderlands 2 with someone, as well as had a strongly co-op month in general.

Friends, I am apparently an Etch A Sketch when it comes to my game challenges; I am history repeating itself. My July game challenge this year is exactly the same as it was last year.

I also realized something rather amusing last night while I was waiting for sleep to catch up to me: I can write whatever I want here. I can write about weird sh*t and no one can stop me!

I could write about lint that looks like bugs from a distance (and the freak out that happens until the lint bug is verified to be simply lint). I could write about that! Some might say I’m doing it right now. (Spoiler: I am!)

I can write about things no one else might ever find interesting. I can write about my struggles and inner nonsense. I can write about the ridiculous things I observe and experience, and friends, I might just do that from time to time!

Of course the bulk of what I write will still be about games, but I like that somewhere, in my brain place, a little switch flipped on and I realized I can let loose a bit.

It would be nice to sometimes let loose.

I mean who else will write about the subversive topic of lint bugs that aren’t actually bugs?

You’ll never have to worry about that, again.

Oh, back to my deja vu game challenge. As I was looking at the list of games from last July that I had on my “to play” list for that month’s challenge, I realized something pathetically amusing: I didn’t finish a single one of them. I started Fatal Frame and Alan Wake, but I didn’t finish either, and I didn’t even start any of the others on the list! I’m going to do my darndest to make sure my July 2016 challenge is leaps and bounds more successful than my July 2015 challenge was.

I will not fail again!

Or, at least, not so spectacularly.

I’m glad the Facebook bot reminded me of my own blunder, albeit in an indirect way. I’m also grateful (this once) for a bit of sleeplessness, and the nonsense reminders it brought with it.

Also, if you’d like more coverage on lint that looks like bugs (but isn’t actually bugs), just let me know.

To weirdness! Cheers friends.

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    • They do, don’t they?! How has no one been talking about this?

      Someone had to start the conversation. All those faux bugs scaring the good people of earth. Just lint. LINT.


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