June Game Challenge: Week Five (Potential Barfiness)

dead island riptide palms cover

We may be in the last week of June, but I’m also in the home stretch of my June game challenge. I’ve played and completed the remastered versions of Borderlands 2, as well as Dead Island. This week I will tackle the remastered version of Dead Island: Riptide, but I have to say, I may not be seeing as much of the game as I’d like, and not for lack of wanting.

Allow me to explain.

When I originally played Riptide on the PS3, both myself and the person I was playing with felt sick from the excessive head bob. There was no option to turn it off, so we suffered through it. I found that motion sickness medication helped, but it didn’t eliminate my barfy feelings. I should also explain that I had never had a remotely similar issue with any other game.

Until I played the remaster of Dead Island last week.

After a long play session, I felt intensely barfy. I drank some Squirt, took some motion sickness meds, and that helped, but it didn’t eliminate my unsettled system. I don’t know what it is about the Dead Island games, but they make me feel like I’m going to urp.

I also have a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended) after completing the first Dead Island again. It was still glitchy as hell. The game still chugged at various points (on current gen, no less!). A decent number of mods and collectibles weren’t where they were supposed to be and were just AWOL from the game. In paying for the remastered versions, I never dreamed that they would be even more flawed than their previous versions.

But the visuals were improved a bit, so there’s that.

Despite my issues with Riptide a few years back, I recall enjoying the heck out of using the character of John’s power kick to clear the zombie infestation. So that should be a good time.

If my foray into the world of Riptide turns out to be too much for my stomach, I will push through to the end as quickly as possible, and then begin my game challenge for next month early; I’m feeling the desire to play all those survival horror games in a big way. I’m hoping to knock out some of the older ones I’ve always heard about, but never played for myself.

I’m looking at you, Condemned: Criminal Origins.

In other news, last Friday marked my 350th piece on this website, and I’m looking forward to the evolving future of the content I can bring you. I’m looking into several things, but stay tuned for more information on what might be coming down the road. One thing you can count on: my posting schedule will be staying the same as always; new pieces every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ve never deviated once from that!

Cheers, friends. Thank you for being here. Your support means a ridiculous amount to me.

P.S. I recently posted a request for feedback of what content you’d like to see here on the site (or from me in general). Please let me know your thoughts (if you haven’t done so already). Thank you!

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  1. Hi Rebekah,

    I used to have some motion sickness with games, especially FPSs. One thing that worked for me are motion sickness bands (Google “travel bands”, or “motion sickness bands”). They’re little wristbands that use accupressure to help alleviate motion sickness!


    • Oh wow, really? I’ve seen those motion sickness bands, but since I’ve never gotten motion sickness otherwise (with games or in reality), I’ve never bought any. I’m going to just keep popping these motion sickness tablets and hope I get through the game as quickly as possible! Who knew a game could trigger such a weird reaction? Even after taking the meds before my Riptide session today, I ended up with a super upset stomach and a wicked headache that put me straight to bed at the ripe hour of 7pm! Boo.

      Must. Play. Faster.

      But I’m very glad to hear the bands work for you! Thank goodness!

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  2. Congratulations on your 350th now 351st piece. Here’s to many more to come.
    Cheers to Squirt, and Dramamine.
    The official in game snacks of Riptide.


    • Thank you, thank you. It’s sort of weird…that’s a whole lot of words that barfed out of my brain!

      You’re not kidding. Even with the motion sickness meds, I was hurting. I will just try to go as fast as I can through the rest of the game.

      Again, thank you.


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