Pre-E3 Rituals

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This past week as I’ve been cleaning and organizing furiously, I started to realize what was happening: I was falling into my pre-E3 ritual of, well, cleaning and organizing. Prior to the pressers, I like to make sure everything else is in order so I can focus on the information coming at me.

I take my gaming news seriously.

And, as I was vacuuming, I realized I have a few other pre-E3 rituals as well.

#1: Cleaning/Organizing

As I’ve already said, I like to get everything properly in order prior to the very first presser. I don’t like to have my attention distracted by anything, including thoughts like, “I should have finished going through all the drawers in the kitchen.” I like that crap locked down. I also like making sure I’m not thinking, “Oh shoot, I should have dusted.”

#2: Food Prep

I like to make sure I have foods that can be made, and eaten, quickly. Sure, this means I give myself a bit of a “pass” for the two days of the pressers; I might not regularly eat Pop-Tarts in my day to day life, but during those two days, I might eat more than a couple. This also applies to microwaveable foods like pizza. But don’t get me wrong, I also make sure I have plenty of healthy options available like veggies and such to snack on.

#3: The Pup Goes To Camp!

So as not to have any distractions (or worries that I have to head outside for an impromptu restroom walk), the pup goes to camp. It’s fun for him, and it allows me to focus on the pressers and writing. If he were here and he had to suddenly head outside for “relief,” I might miss some insane announcement that everyone will be saying for years to come, “Remember that moment when BLANK was announced?! It was so exciting to hear it live!”

#4: Everything That Can Be Charged, Is

The last thing I want is to realize my laptop, iPad, phone, whatever is losing its charge, so I ensure everything is as charged as it can be come E3. Well, for the record, I keep my laptop plugged in so I don’t have to worry about that particular issue. But still, I like to make sure everything is good to go.

#5: Triple Checking The Internet

This may sound paranoid, but I have good reason to ensure the internet is up and running as it should be: a few years back, it was the morning of the first presser and my internet went out. Resetting it didn’t work. Going into the router itself and checking the settings did nothing. I went down to the Time Warner office and exchanged my router and got things up and running. I missed most of the first presser, but at least I got to see the others. It may sound silly, but I seriously panicked when it wasn’t working. The idea that I couldn’t see video game Christmas as it happened just made me bonkers.

So, after all that nonsense, every year, the night before, I reset the internet to make sure it’s all up and running. I run speed tests. I make sure everything is connected. I leave no digital stone unturned. I make sure I have the links to all the places I can watch the pressers, and I use my iPad as backup in case I can’t watch it streaming via the television.

I am prepared.

I’m sure there are other sundry things I do to prepare, but those are the big ones. Do you have any pre-E3 rituals? I’d love to hear about them.


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  1. Oh wow, you really are ready! I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for your writing here too, as for me it has to come after my regular job, lol!


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