June Game Challenge: Week Two (Derailed And Re-Railed)

dead island riptide palms cover

I thought this month’s challenge was going to be good to go before it even started. Good gravy was I wrong.

I had scheduled a Borderlands 2 play date (via The Handsome Collection) with someone I regularly play with, but things didn’t go as planned. They backed out and I was left wondering, well, now what? So I asked another friend (who I have never played with before) if he would want to cruise through the game with me so I could complete my challenge anyway. He said yes, and we started our run. What fun! Then, today, when I was playing catch up in the game on my own, my brother popped in! I hadn’t played anything with him for the better part of a year, and it was such a nice surprise to connect.

Even though I have plans today to carry on with the LETSPLOWTHROUGHIT run of Borderlands 2, I’m still finding myself feeling somewhat unwanted as a co-op partner (in general).

Rant over. Basically my point is that I wish people were a little more thoughtful of one another.

I’m sure having had the flu for several days now isn’t helping my ‘tude, but all these messed up plans make me feel like the least wanted co-op partner this side of the (insert river name here).


I am exceedingly grateful to my friend who stepped up and offered to play Borderlands 2 with me. We made a good chunk of progress, and I am certain we can make solid progress later today, as well. At the rate we are going, we can complete it by mid-week. This is key, as I’d like to be done well before the weekend, and E3, rolls around.

I’d say we are about halfway through the game, and that seems like a solid point to be at given the time frame.

With E3 beginning in less than a week (and my excitement well above normal levels), I’m gearing up for my “coverage” of the pressers. I can’t wait to see more on certain games (Dishonored 2!), but I really can’t wait for all the surprise announcements. There are a few games specifically I’m hoping to see, but mostly I’m just getting ready for the ride.

I’m also getting super excited for my current gen playthroughs of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It’s been the perfect amount of time since I played them before, and I’m looking forward to collecting random things in paradise and reselling them to strange people with endless money and a penchant for bleach and diamonds.

Also I like water in games, so I’m looking forward to playing splashy splashy in the digital seas of Banoi.

I’m also thinking that in the future, I will try to focus more on single player games, as I’m feeling a bit weary of various aspects of co-op scheduling and play. I know games should be fun and a good time, but feeling like a largely unwanted co-op partner gets me down. I have many single player games I’ve put on the back burner to play newer online co-op releases, and I think slowing my proverbial roll there might be for the best.

Here’s to smoother seas ahead. Ones without zombies wandering around in them.

What are you playing in this pre-E3 week?

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  1. I’ll play Overwatch,Doom (the boss I’m on is a pain),Uncharted 4,Ratchet and Clank,Gone Home(should finish that quick).


  2. Mississippi


    Water slide

    Cheers to being a little “OP” for once. Tut-tut it looks a little like rain… Red letter text.
    Nothing rhymes with orange. The rare finds, that make game play special, even if it’s just for a few levels.
    See you in Sanctuary.

    Cheers to co-op play, whiskey & ice. Especially the people in life that make us smile, & games that bring people together.

    I had a blast yesterday.
    Thank you.

    Keep up the great work on your website.



    • Ahh, the water slide river. A great place to vacation.

      Yes! Playing Borderlands while OP is a ton of fun and makes up for some of the early times that you get your a** handed to you. And yes, the loot is always a bonus. Hooray for increased drop rates!

      And cheers, indeed. It was a wonderful surprise. Thank YOU.


  3. As always another great blog, Rebekah! Sorry to hear that your co-op experience hasn’t been grade A, for awesome. :( Not playing anything leading up to E3. Definitely hoping to add a few more games to my playlist later E3 is over. Atm, I have Deus Ex & BF1 on reserve; if Ghost Recon gets a date, it will be added to the list too. Here’s to happier co-ops for you! By the way, looking forward to your E3 & post-E3 thoughts. See you in the Twitterverse.


    • Aww, thank you Richard!

      I know there will always be ups and downs, but the downs sometimes get to me.

      I’m looking forward to interacting during E3! I hope to bounce around thoughts and ideas!


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