My Ridiculous (And Self-Imposed And Compulsive) Content Comparisons

That pile of discs has been sitting on a shelf in my living room for so much longer than I want to admit; I have dusted them at least four times.

There is a reason they are here.

I don’t keep movie or game cases, instead I store them all in CD wallets to maximize space. Over the years, as I’ve upgraded certain movies to Blu-ray, I’ve taken out the older copies and stacked them up to either send to people I know might like them, or simply throw them away.

(Incidentally, I feel compelled to explain I keep all my movies organized alphabetically within each genre, and my video games alphabetized within each console.)

So I love horror movies. I have more horror movies than any other genre. That being said, I am somewhat regularly upgrading my collection (specifically my very favorite horror movies) to Blu-ray.

Several years ago, I bought the Scream (then) trilogy on Blu-ray, and I threw away my older copies. One day, well over a year later, I popped the first Scream in and went to put on the commentary I love, but it wasn’t there.

And I immediately realized my mistake.

The commentary present on the DVD wasn’t included on the Blu-ray release.

I was super peeved at myself.

I looked high and low and tried to see if I’d kept the older copies somewhere, but of course I hadn’t. They were long gone.

So then I did something silly and stupid and I don’t regret it: I started looking for the original set I’d had so I could buy it. Again.

After some trial and error, I found the set I’d had and the commentary was there! Hooray!


Of the three films in the set, at least two were so scratched, they wouldn’t play properly.

I was disappointed.

So back I went, trying to find another set, but in better condition. When it arrived, I inspected everything, made sure they all played properly, and filed them with the Blu-ray copies so I wouldn’t lose track of them.

Hilariously, I used to own the Scream trilogy on VHS. Then I bought it on DVD. Then I bought it on Blu-ray. Then I bought it again on DVD. Then I bought it AGAIN on DVD. Then I bought it AGAIIIN on DVD.

I’ve bought the Scream trilogy so many more times than I ever thought I would.

After that fiasco, I started worrying I’d lose bonus content on my favorite movies, so I kept all the old DVDs, telling myself I’d cross reference them and make sure all the content I wanted was on the Blu-ray, or I’d keep both versions.

That sounds silly, but I hate losing good content.

The pile of discs in the image above is every horror movie I’ve upgraded that I didn’t want to lose bonus content from. So I’ve devised a system where I put the DVD in my PS3 (still connected to my television), and the Blu Ray in my PS4, and compare the features on both by switching back and forth on the TV. I’ve put it off for so long, but I figured it was time.

So there’s some of my weekend bonus content: content comparisons.

This weekend, aside from that inane and entirely self-imposed task, I’m hoping to keep playing the Borderlands remaster, maybe HOPEFULLY start Tales From the Borderlands (BROOOKEN RECOOORD), and perhaps something else. I realized earlier today that I’ve only completed four games this year! FOUR! That’s barely one per month. I need to get cracking.

I will also be putting together more shelves, hanging more art, and CREATING more art! At last! This weekend it’s time to at least paint one large piece, and I think it’s going to be 36×48. I’m excited and terrified and glad.

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this weekend?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers. <3

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  1. That’s quite the organizational task in front of you this weekend! Admittedly, I’ve largely stopped buying movies on disc as I rarely rewatch movies. Although, I did buy A Quiet Place on Blu-ray both to own it and to watch the extras (I haven’t yet). This weekend I’ve work to do but I plan to continue God of War, it’s such a beautiful game, and perhaps see if The Division 2 is loading properly.

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    • I do love organizing. And re-organizing. I am an organize-monger.

      That makes sense, honestly. I admit I do obsessively rewatch some of my horror movies. Like…I never thought I’d have seen Hell Fest (I put it on in the background a lot) as much as I have. And yet.

      I’m sorry you had to work over the weekend. :(


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