I Can’t Stop Hearing This Song In My Head (And I Am Unrelatedly Sleepy)

I haven’t been an avid radio listener since the ’90s, and most of the recent new (or, new to me, at any rate) music I’ve been exposed to has been from YouTube. There are a couple stations I’ve discovered immediate favorites from (e.g.: The Prime Thanatos, NewRetroWave), but often a song will just come on and sometimes I’m entirely into it.

Like this one:

Or the instrumental version:

Either way, something about that melody won’t let up on my brain and I love it. I was laying in bed the other night just hearing it on repeat in my head (the instrumental; I don’t know the lyrics by heart yet); it is insistent and soothing all at the same time.

I feel like never before have we as a people been exposed to so many types of art and entertainment; it can often feel overwhelming. So when a particular song happens to come on YouTube and I can focus on it, I enjoy that experience. Too often music is relegated to the background. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out somewhere, heard a song, used an app on my phone to figure out what it was, then gone home to download it.

I have a conflicted relationship with technology, but I do think that’s pretty incredible.

Have you had a song unexpectedly sneak up on you in a MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG ON REPEAT INDEFINITELY way? If so, when? Which song?

Please, please, please share.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go fall asleep to Tetris pieces falling to this melody.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. I always joke to myself. Why listen to a song once a day to keep it fresh if can listen to it 25 times a day until it loses its power and I can’t listen anymore!

    I feel I always have a song in my mind. There’s always a song I have to be listening all the time and I’m mumbling all day. Right now is Old Town Road from Lil Nas X, which I randomly discovered in a Red Dead Redemption 2 video. A cowboy rap? Sure, why not?

    Also, I hope you can write and talk more about all the wonders you found and created in DREAMS!

    Have a great weekend!

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    • HA! Good god, that’s me, too. Except I can still listen to it (e.g.: Back in the Groove from ToeJam and Earl).

      COWBOY RAP?! I will have to check that out. Are there spoilers in it?

      I admit, I am woefully behind in Dreams. I’d love to dive back in.

      I hope your weekend was wonderful!


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