Status Report: Week 12 (GAMES GAMES GAMES)

This is an exciting week for games and gaming!

Later today is Sony’s State of Play broadcast, and I’m hoping we hear more about several of their heavy hitters in development. As with any Sony presentation, my fingers will go numb from keeping them crossed for an inFamous remaster of the first two games.


Tuesday brings the release of Generation Zero, a co-op game I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced last year at E3. I’m excited to explore ’80s Sweden with my partner. Every time I see another location from the game, I get more jazzed; the atmosphere is rad.


I’m excited to continue on in The Division 2! So far my co-op partner and I are about halfway through the story missions but there is SO. MUCH. CONTENT. Every time we get somewhere new, we seem to unlock a crap ton of new icons on the map. It’s a Ubisoft game, for sure.

I realized this weekend that at the beginning of the year, I’d challenged myself to complete 100 games. I could not laugh harder at the unlikelihood of that happening. I don’t have my gaming notebook near me, but I can guarantee you I’ve not even completed a dozen games this year; the number is probably less than half that.

Perhaps 2020 is my year to complete the big 100.

Over the weekend I didn’t get much gaming done (our pup has been having a health issue for a couple months and he was at the vet for seven hours on Saturday), but I hope to get a significant amount done this week. My priority is Cloud (our pup), but if he is able to rest, I will be playing games for sure.

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this week? Are you hoping for any announcements from Sony’s State of Play?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. Honestly I’m just glad they will be announcing anything at all. Hopefull for a good rpg. I’m more interested in the Star Wars game news coming next month. Can’t wait to get back into the Division 2 and get stuff done.

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  2. Hoping for some sort of footage from Ghost of Tsushima. I’ll be playing the Witness,and something else. Maybe some bloodborne since I have yet to finish it.

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