Status Report: Week 10 (Off To A Shaky Start)

With a chronic illness, some days are better than others; the good days are few and far between. I’m lucky to get three or so days a month where I feel “okay,” and I try to take advantage of them when and where I can. The other 28 or so days a month, every month, are often like today: frustrating and painful.

I feel like ass, friends. I often feel like ass. I try to keep a decent attitude about it but, some days, like today, it gets me down.

Last week I plunked down for a year of PS Now and I’ve been taking advantage of it by playing the first Borderlands (one of my favorite games). Borderlands (just the first) is my comfort game. After my website took a dump, all I wanted to do was hide and play Borderlands. So I did. And I am.

PS Now is such a cool idea in concept, but poor in execution. I have excellent internet. My PS4 is hardwired into my router. PS Now allows you to download certain titles to your system to avoid streaming issues, but, so far as I can tell, no PS3 titles are supported for download. Nearly every time I reach a loading area in the game, my controls go super wonky. It looks like my controller goes to looking straight up or spinning around or is running into walls. I’ve come to anticipate this in certain situations, but it’s far from ideal. I’ve also seen issues where it thinks I’m inputting something and spazzes the heck out. It makes it impossible to access anything in my menu and that’s a problem. In one case, I was at a set of machines just before a boss fight. I couldn’t change my weapons or interact with the machines in any functional way due to the error. If I’d reloaded the game, I would have had to fight all the way through the level again just to get to the boss (which sounded tedious). So I dug in and did the fight in a less than optimal way.

I’d wanted to play so many games via PS Now, but I’m unsure how well the service will handle them. I was going to replay the first two games in the inFamous series (and the DLC) because I adore them. If they are going to be hitching up as often as what I’ve experienced, I’d be better off playing them on my PS3, thus negating the PS Now service. I could literally not have a better setup for using PS Now, and it still doesn’t operate smoothly. Shoot, I couldn’t even download the PS Now app! It kept telling me it couldn’t download it due to an internet error (well played, Sony), which only made it funnier.

I’m excited for the release of The Division 2 later this week. I had a lot of fun with the first game, and I’m looking forward to getting lost in Washington, D.C. I’m hoping I get to play it with friends, but we’ll see.

And I’m reeeeeeeeeally excited to play Generation Zero when it comes out later this month. It looks like exactly what I want to be playing, and it’s co-op, no less! My partner and I are excited to dive in to ’80s Sweden on the 26th.

Now, I’m going to go back to rest. The most necessary and boring game of them all.

What will you be playing this week?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. Howdy! I’m glad to pop in and see that you’re playing games! Life is most definitely tough. My wife had ankle surgery and I had ongoing work deadlines. February was a black hole. I barely played games and if so it was the occasional Overwatch match. I got Anthem on day one only for my game day the day after its release to be taken over by a sewer back-up in the basement. Now, my wife has begun tentatively walking. I’m (slowly) getting through my work deadlines. Happily, I was able to play a Anthem for a few hours over the weekend and I enjoyed my time in the game. Get some rest and feel better!

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  2. I cannot get behind the idea of game streaming. I like owning my games too much, as my wall full of game shelves will attest! Also, like you, I’ve tried out services like PSNow (and OnLive, remember that?) with a pretty optimal setup and found the experience to be… unsatisfactory, to say the least.

    I’m not necessarily against the idea of a gaming subscription service — I’m one of the few people who like what Nintendo is doing with its growing library of NES games on the Switch, for example, particularly if they later expand that to other systems — but I’d much rather that service allow you to download and play the games “natively” (or emulated) instead of relying on streaming. The infrastructure just isn’t there to make streaming viable, and it makes for a noticeably inferior experience to playing the games on actual hardware.

    Hope you have fun with The Division 2, it seems to be slipping out fairly quietly compared to the first one, but a few dedicated people seem to be excited for it.

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    • Oh I love owning games, too, but the service sounds so cool…in theory. It’s disappointing that it didn’t work well for either of us!

      Oh, for sure, being able to download those games is a huge feature.

      I love The Division 2 so far! It’s not perfect but it’s definitely engaging!

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