How Do You Feel About Betas?

I generally enjoy betas. I have mixed feelings about betas walled behind pre-orders, but I generally feel when a company is confident enough to show even a slice of their game to the public early, it’s a good sign and a positive thing.

There are exceptions (e.g.: Fallout 76, potentially Anthem).

Last night I realized I hadn’t finalized my The Division 2 private beta access. I pre-ordered the game back in August from Amazon and had yet to redeem my beta code. When I tried on the Ubisoft website, I ran into problem after problem and, as of now, I’ve not been granted access to the upcoming beta. I sent in a support ticket, but it made me wonder how many hoops are too many to be granted beta access?

I mean, I pre-ordered the game months ago. I know I wasn’t accepted to the beta yet because I checked my account and it didn’t show I’d already registered.

I like the limited-time nature of betas; I feel like they allow me to exploit my fear of missing out in a positive way. I like that there’s a narrow window to play a game early to see if you’ll connect with it.

With the Anthem demo, one of my longtime favorite co-op partners gave me a beta code and we teamed up (as much as we could, at any rate) to test it out. The beta let me know Anthem (at least in its more or less current state) likely isn’t for me.

At a time when peoples’ financial situations can be more restricted than ever, I love that certain games give people the opportunity to make a decision ahead of time instead of lamenting later.

I hope I get into The Division 2 beta, but I feel confident I’ll play the finished game either way. I had plenty of fun with the first entry, both upon release, as well as after many of the kinks were ironed out months down the road.

How do you feel about betas? Do you mind when they are locked behind a pre-order requirement? Do you enjoy trying out games early? Or could you go either way on them? I would love to hear your thoughts. :)


This weekend, I SWEAR TO GOD, I’m going to finish Everything. It’s my white whale. I have to. I have to do it.

I’m also hoping to start something new. I have to do that, too. I really wanted to wait until Wandersong went on sale, but I keep feeling the pull to buy it and play it. If I can finish Everything, Wandersong might be my reward.

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this weekend?

I know the temperatures for many will continue to be bonkers; no matter where you are or what you’re doing, please be exceedingly safe out there, friends. Warm and cozy cheers.

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  1. I promised someone I would give Mafia III a shot, so that’s a goal of mine. I’m also about 75% of the way through Mario and Rabbids, so I should probably wrap that up soon. As for betas, I’m of mixed opinions. I personally prefer when the beta is open and not a preorder bonus. It gives me more peace of mind that the servers can handle the player load if everyone who is interested in trying the game gets a chance to log in.

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  2. I played the Anthem demo. I like the premise of the missions; there were too many loading screens; sometimes, it felt like they took away from the action, imho! Going to withhold my thoughts until the reviews have been released. It’s definitely a game I’m interested in. It reminds me of Destiny & Titanfall 2. Ironically, the latter was a game, I didn’t care for.

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    • Frequent and lengthy loading screens definitely sap my excitement, too. The loads in Destiny 2 are so much worse than Destiny 1 and every time they happen I have plenty of time to think about how much better the first game was!


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