Taking A Pass: Brain Melting Edition

Due to this week’s events, my brain has been in overdrive and has metaphorically melted. I hope I never experience a week like this again. I hope no one does.

Last night I was able to log on for some Destiny 2 to tackle point runs on two Nightfalls and it was a welcome change of pace from all the misery of the preceding 24 hours. It was nice to focus on a particular task with two excellent teammates.

My goal this weekend is simply to play. I want to try to feel better however I can because endless ruminating has only made me feel worse. I will say, the support and kindness I’ve received from people has fortified me. Thank you.

This weekend, all I want is to play. It’s my only goal.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this weekend? Are you partaking in Resident Evil 2: Remake? Kingdom Hearts III? Something else?

Please be safe and kind out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. You choice of games to play this weekend (Resident Evil 2: Remake and Kingdom Hearts III) are both fun. But I think it’s impossible to play both at the same time. Me, I’m going with the Resident Evil 2: Remake. I could use some jump scares from one of the greatest survival horror games. By the way, neat post!

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