The Wait Is Finally Over

When a big new release finally arrives, I find the surrounding excitement to be infectious, whether I’m excited about the game or not.

Take Red Dead Redemption 2; I’m excited to play it, but I’ve never been super hooked by a Rockstar game. Despite that, I know as soon as I get my hands on it, I’m going to pulled into the vortex because, let’s face it, if a game allows me to bond with a pony, I’m probably going to be excited to play it.

My copy is coming from Amazon and my deliveries can be all over the place, time-wise. I may be able to play it early in the afternoon, and I might not get it until close to 8pm; I just never know. Between that and the install size, there’s a very good chance I don’t play a second of the game until Saturday. And that’s okay.

I love when people are excited about a game. I love midnight releases (though I haven’t been to one for a while); the energy is buzzy. I’m genuinely happy when others get to play a game they’ve been waiting for.

It’s a nice feeling.

Today, I think I will play some Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 until my copy of Red Dead moseys on over. Amazon told me my collector’s edition game guide won’t be here until the 2nd of November (for some reason), but I’m not going to wait for it to start playing.

I’d also like to play something more abstract and artistic which is why I have both Shape of the World and FINALLY finishing Everything on my radar.

It’s been a weird week and I’m hoping the weekend will give me a lovely mental tidy so I can come back fresh on Monday to have something of interest to say. Thank you for sticking with me, friends.

Also! A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Colton who has always been a wonderful friend and supportive beyond measure.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this weekend? Will you be playing with ponies in the old west? Or do you have other games on your radar?

Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy yourself, and please be safe out there. Cheers.

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  1. I’ll be adventuring in the West for sure but I’ll also probably be playing a bit of Destiny 2, NHL 18, and wrapping up The Evil Within.

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  2. Not enjoying Spiderman; like I thought I would. Looking to get BFV or TR soon. Might jump back into GoW. At the moment, not sure if I’ll play anything.

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