That number is probably self-explanatory, but I’ll explain it anyway.

Yesterday marked the 800th piece I’ve written for my website.

On one hand, it feels like I just started writing and that number is ridiculous. On the other, it feels like I’ve been writing in a vacuum forever and I’m mentally drinking and smoking constantly because I’m so disheartened by not getting anywhere. Since I’m being honest (and, let’s be real, I’m always being honest), traffic on my site and supporting sites (my Facebook writing page and my Twitter account) has been way down, depressingly down, and all I can conclude is that what I’m writing is generally not of interest to people.

I get it. I haven’t been playing new things for several reasons, none of which has to do with a lack of wanting to play. Not playing things = less observations about relevant things. So I really do get it. But, after all this time, it’s still disheartening to see the metrics go down.

It’s hard to hang in there. I don’t know what I’m doing, have never known, and I seem incapable of giving up no matter how much I want to give up and, honestly, I want to give up all the time.

I loathe self promotion, and I loathe asking for favors, but if you feel so inclined and want to share this page or throw a like on my Facebook writing page or follow my Twitter account, that would be lovely. You can also follow this site directly via email (there is a field at the bottom of each page with the option). Any and all support of the site is appreciated.

I have no idea what will happen for me writing-wise, but it looks like I will keep on trucking because that’s what I do. I joked to my partner last night that I’d stop at 1,000, but we both knew that was crap; I’ll keep writing.

I started writing about games because I love them dearly and love connecting with people over them. Games have brought so many amazing people into my life. On my very first date with my partner, we played games on a NES (there was definitely Dr. Mario involved). My favorite Christmas memory involved getting a NES and Super Mario Bros. 2 and subsequently losing my 12 year old mind. My partner and I play games nearly nightly, and we are often joined by some of the loveliest people I could hope to be friends with. Games, in and of themselves, are amazing to me. The fact that I get to play them with others and share my love for the medium here, it’s something I’m grateful for. Between that and all the interactions I’ve been able to share with each of you, that’s what keeps me going.

My partner is endlessly supportive and believes in me. I could not be more grateful.

So, there you have it. 800. I’m literally shaking my head over here because I have no idea if I’m proud of that or not. I’m proud that I’ve kept to my schedule, but I’ve rarely liked anything I’ve written. I hope I improve. I hope I’ve improved.

I’ll keep going. Even if it sucks.

Thank you for all your support over the years. You’ll never know how much that means to me. It fills my sad little prune heart with gratitude.

Thank you. <3

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  1. Congrats! Always nice to reach a milestone.

    As for the metrics… I would try not to sweat them too much, as a lot of people are reporting their numbers are significantly down on what they usually are, even those who are regularly posting what they usually post. I think, among other things, the Reader has been having some issues.

    I always enjoy what you have to post, even if it isn’t directly gaming-related! If anything, the thing I like most about blogs rather than dry press/review sites is the fact you can get to know the people behind the words rather than just mindlessly consuming “opinions”.

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    • Eh, that’s just the way my brain is, though. It latches on to numbers of all types. But thank you, it helps to know it’s not just me, though I’m not thrilled others are having to deal with it, too.

      Thank you so much! That’s incredibly kind.

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  2. 800! Wow, that’s an accomplishment! What has been your favorite game? Topp 5 games? Top 3 genres? Why?! That could be blog 801. Just a thought! Here’s to 900. . . then 1000! Cheers!

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