Status Report: Week 41 (Rutsville)

I’m in a rut.

Also I love that image of Bill Murray.

I feel a little like Bill Murray.

For whatever reason, and there’s a bevy of options, I’m in a gaming rut. Scratch that, I’m in a pretty much everything rut. It could be that my chronic illness has been worse than usual lately. It could be that I’m sick on top of it. It could be that there are, ridiculously, too many options of recently released games to play and my brain is spinning just trying to choose.

It could also be my anxiety having a field day with a whole pile of things.

It’s probably all those things.

I’m struggling to concentrate or sleep and that leaves me in fear of playing a game that might keep me awake even longer until I feel awful and crash out for six hours of sweat-filled gross sleep.

Whatever the situation, the end result is the same: I’m in a rut.

Today I’m going to force myself to start any number of games or force myself to keep going in Shadow of the Tomb Raider or, shoot, force myself to start Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. This month was supposed to be my horror month and I’ve not played a single horror title despite loving horror games, movies, and novels.

Ruts are stupid.

So I’m going to force myself to do something different even if it makes me physically uncomfortable which it probably will.

There you have my gaming plans for the week. A lot of forcing myself to do things I might not normally do right now.

What are you hoping to play this week?

Also, I saw Hell Fest on Friday and hoo boy, I know opinion is subjective by definition but that movie was bad. It was a bad movie. The dialogue was very bad. They took a really cool setup for a film and somehow blew it so hard. And it wasn’t even “so bad it’s good” it was just…I did not think it was a good movie even though I have a peculiar fondness for crappy horror movies. Thank god Halloween 2018 is just around the corner and has already been getting positive press. I’m excited to see it!

Please be safe out there friends. And please be kind to each other. Cheers.

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