PSN Name Changes Are Coming; Will You Change Yours?

It seems Sony is finally coming around.

This week, Sony announced that in early 2019, an oft requested feature will finally be available: the ability to change your PSN name.

According to Sony, the first name change will be free, but following changes will be $9.99 (or $4.99 for PS Plus members).

Personally, I love my PSN name, so I won’t be changing it, but I know a lot of folks out there have long lamented the names they created many years ago. I’m grateful Sony is facilitating changes for those who want them, and that they are giving ample time for users to come up with their ideal name (or alternates, in case those are taken) so they can try for it as soon as the changes are available.

With that I ask: if you have a PSN name, will you be changing it come 2019?

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  1. I plan to change to match my Xbox gamertag. I like mine alright but I like the other one more. And I did mine after a NBA player I liked and played for the team I support, but now he left the team…so I’m good to change!

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  2. I will NOT be changing mine. I have a story around how I came up with it and thats why even after a decade that I have not changed it. The story is as follows and is game related:

    I was playing Army of Two waaaaay back when on the 360 and then this moment comes up:

    In the middle of a firefight one of the characters starts asking about the other’s favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan and they mention names that I dont consider the best in the group. I irrationally got angry at this being the HS student I was at the time My favorite was Method Man and he calls himself and his first album “tical” , 91 is not my birth year but my football number in HS.

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  3. I like my name on PSN and have no idea what I’d change it to even if I did want to change it! Had it since 2005von Xbox 360 so I think I’m stuck with it now!

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