Status Report: Week 30 (Stuck In The Loop)

I remember the point earlier this month when I actually thought I’d complete my self-imposed game challenge to complete six new-to-me games by the end of the July. I really thought I could do it. I mean, there are still eight days left in the month, so if I was really industrious, I bet I could still could.


Gosh darn Destiny 2.

Gosh darn faction rally.

Gosh darn not enough time in the day.

In the first Destiny, faction rallies came around every once in a while; in Destiny 2, it feels like they are happening with incredible frequency. The same can be said for Iron Banner. I feel like there is always something time-consuming happening in Destiny 2, and it doesn’t make the game world feel full; it makes it feel bloated.

And that’s coming from someone who loves Destiny for better or worse.

All weekend long, while I felt very gross physically, I tried to power through and rank up in the faction rally. This time I pledged to Dead Orbit (in an attempt to get that dumb Graviton Lance catalyst), and I’m just now at rank 39. That means I have today to rank up 11 times to reach max rank of 50.

So that means today will be all about Destiny 2 and the latest installment of: HOLYCRAPIT’SANOTHERFACTIONRALLYWHATDOTHEYWANTFROMUS???!!!

Maaaaaaaaan, I had such high hopes for my productivity over the weekend. I was going to play so many different things. I was going to have all kinds of progress ready to report today. All I have to report is that I’m a great big let down.


I’m holding out a sliver of hope that I can do great things this week, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

In a couple weeks I’m headed out on a camping holiday, and I was considering taking my first-ever week-long writing hiatus in four years. But, after giving that idea careful consideration, I don’t think I can do that. So I will be continuing to write, even if it’s from a tent. It looks like my momentum refuses to stop, even when it wouldn’t really matter if I did take a finite and compact break.

This week I’d love to play through Shape of the World (I’ve been saying that for weeks now), Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Switch (I want to make better use of my Switch), and any number of other smaller titles. I keep thinking about playing Murdered: Soul Suspect, too.

Holy crap there are so many games to play. I need to make better use of my time. It’s the most precious thing and in limited supply. I’d do better to remind myself of that. I’m certainly not getting any younger.

This wasn’t meant to be somber and depressing, but I think this piece meandered that direction. My apologies there.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week? When it’s summertime, do you find you play a certain type of game (e.g.: games that take place in colder climates)? I find I like to play games set in tropical locales all year long.

Please be safe out there friends. Cheers.

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  1. I hope you accomplish what you’re aiming for in the faction rally. I’ve never played Destiny but from what you described it sounds a lot like the timed challenges in Animal Crossing or other mobile games.

    I played and finished The Mummy Demastered over the weekend. It was a fun metroidvania game. You play as some generic agent fighting against Ahmanet and the hordes of supernatural creatures she conjures. I don’t even know if this was the plot of the movie since I haven’t seen it but the game was fun. There was a weird Dark Souls esque mechanic where you’d have to retrieve your equipment from a zombie of your previous character if you died which never really added anything to the experience in my opinion. Overall it was a fun game.

    I’m hoping to start Yakuza 6 this week and hopefully I can get through that before the Shenmue 1&2 remasters launch in August. Sega has a lot of really good potential releases coming up. Enjoy whatever you decide to play!

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    • I did! But just barely. And yes, both types of events are similar, however Destiny’s events require exponentially more time.

      I haven’t seen the new Mummy either, but that sounds fun! Oh man, I didn’t know it was a permadeath situation. Did it take away from the experience?

      Yakuza, yeahhh!! I want to play that series so bad!

      Thank you! I hope you do as well. :)


      • It’s essentially just a get your items back mechanic. No matter where you die your corpse is in the next room from the save point you last used. The first time it happened it was after I lost a boss fight and my corpse was put in a position where it ended up knocking me back into the boss fight before I could get my stuff back essentially killing me again. It just feels like an unnecessary added chore to restarting after death.

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  2. I’m not much into Faction Rallies as all three orders sound deeply flawed to me 😅 I’ve chosen Dead Orbit before just because… well… I like their logo 😛

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  3. Ah play what you enjoy! It’s been harder for me to invest in Destiny 2 because I want to level up but then the grind isn’t always fun. I try to play but stop if I’m not enjoying it. For some reason, Iron Banner pulls me in more than other events and I’m just not sure why as all of the events are the same basic grindfest. I’m about halfway through Observer but because I just had a scary movie marathon with my sister I may not return to such a creepy/scary game for a few days.

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    • But if I did that, I’d rarely play new games. I am in a big ol’ RUT. But I understand what you’re saying.

      You’re not wrong; the grind in Destiny isn’t always fun. There are certain activities I tend to avoid because I don’t enjoy them (I’m never a fan of the Crucible, for example, so I only really do the weekly requirement). I also wish the events were more than just grindfests. Last night I had to grind out 11 levels to reach rank 50 with Dead Orbit and it was tedious as heck.

      I hope you make it further into Observer! And I love that you had a horror movie marathon! WHEEE!!!


  4. I’m sorry that things haven’t been going your way lately. As long as you’re enjoying what you’re playing, then I consider it time well spent.

    I’ve finished Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. It’s a fun little throwback to the NES Castlevania games, the third one in particular since you can swap characters. The boss fights are really interesting since most of them can make a final desperation move before they die. If you like the Castlevania games, I’m sure you’d enjoy it. I also beat Metroid II, which I have less positive feelings about. The game is fine, but it lacks certain features made standard in future games such as an in-game map.

    Happy gaming!

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    • I think you make a very good point. I will try to come around to that way of thinking!

      That sounds fun! Wait, Metroid II…are you speaking of Super Metroid? Or the Metroid for the Game Boy?

      Happy gaming to you, too! :)


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