Screenshots: Take 10

I’ve made no secret of my fondness for taking screenshots in games. I will take screenshots at the risk of dying in-game just so I can capture a particular moment.


Prior to this entry, I had titled these pieces “My Endless Glee With PS4 Screenshots: Take X” but I thought I’d finally streamline now that I’m up to ten. If you are interested in any of the other entries, please check here.

At the top of this piece is my Hunter. She and I have spent literally hundreds of hours together in Destiny 2. The Knucklehead Radar is, hands down, my favorite exotic piece of armor and you can see it prominently in that light.


I am often tickled by various PSN names I encounter, and this was no exception. I mean, I can imagine this person trying to set up their PSN account, finding all their preferred usernames are taken, and finally putting this in and having success.

They just wanted to sign in.


Every time I pass this, I expect it to come to life in a very Audrey 2 manner.



Sometimes I have to dance on it.


These singing nodes are soothing and lovely to me. It may have been a massive pain to acquire all 40 individual nodes, but I never tire of hearing their strange songs playing in unexpected locations.

Get ready to see more of these…


Look how beautiful it is! I wish I had a proper video clip so you could see it spinning and turning everything this warm color. You can see the shadow of my Guardian on the right.


This node happens to be in one of my favorite locations in the Warmind DLC: the server room. It’s gorgeous.


I salute you, node, with my sword at the ready.


This is a proper look at the server room. Something about the symmetry of the towers and lighting entrances me.


Two things I love about Destiny 2 are the names of weapons and gear, and the accompanying flavor text. This weapon has my favorite name, as well as my favorite flavor text.

Nuclear insolence.


Sometimes, even when I don’t care for the item, the flavor text grabs me. Whether it is amusing or moving, I’m hooked.

Something about the text “I am the line. Evil will go no farther than this.” speaks to me.


I have wound up with a handful of these sparrows, and I never get tired of: “The spheres are singing to us.”

That line is dreamy. It feels dreamy thinking about it now.


This is some Stanley Kubrick sh*t right here. I love this room.


I found this location to be very dramatic and serene. The saturation of color and light is dreamy.


My solitary screenshot inclusion of God of War. I really want to go back and play the rest of this game. Shoot, I dropped off after only a couple of hours because I got sidetracked with other things.


I know it’s not from my PS4, but I take an absurd amount of screenshots of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I adore Maple from the main series, and when she was added to Pocket Camp, I was so darn happy. Here she is relaxing on a pool float in her star shades.

I just love her.


I LOVE screenshots, whether mine or others’ and if you have any non-spoilery screenshots you’d like to show me (I’d love to see them!), please tweet them to me at: @rebekah_lang

This weekend I have to jam to play at least a handful of the smaller games I’ve been wanting to get to. My challenge is looking grim, but I’m not giving up! Also, I want to keep leveling up in the current faction rally in Destiny 2, so you can be sure I will be throwing a massive amount of hours there.

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this weekend?

Please stay safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. Hey Rebekah! Always have been a fan of your screenshot blogs. Continue to post more often. Not playing anything right now. Laid up in the hospital. Plan to get back into the side quests in God of War.

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  2. Ending the screenshots with a poolside picture during this hot summer is perfect! The Destiny universe really is quite beautiful. I’m so behind in Destiny 2 that I haven’t even gotten to the Warmind campaign yet. I’m still torn on if I’ll invest on day one in Forsaken or not. Over the weekend, I finally got past where I was stuck in Observer. It’s a great atmospheric game but when the gameplay gets a bit too obtuse I jump online for a walkthrough. I don’t need to spend 30 minutes in a dark room looking for a switch.

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    • I adore pools and I have no idea where the nearest one is. Also I can’t swim. But I sure do love them. <3

      I'm so glad you got past the stuck point in Observer! Oh gosh, thank goodness for walkthroughs. Seriously.


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