Inventory Management

Normally I write all my pieces the night before I post them. Occasionally, if I’m not feeling well or am exceptionally tired (both were true last night), I write the day of, even though I far prefer the former to the latter.

This morning (and allow me to say this rarely happens for me), I got in some morning playtime with Destiny 2. I teamed up with some folks and finished out my weekly milestones while playing some Iron Banner.

When I got back to the tower, I was reminded for the zillionth time that my vault was nearly at capacity. There are 300 vault slots, and I’d filled 294.

I don’t like it when my inventory is out of control and that’s exactly what it’s been for months now.

So I decided, before I wrote, to finally hunker down and go through all those weapons, armor pieces, sparrows, ships, shaders, and various other items.

Three hours later, here I am.

Yes. I just spent three hours on inventory management.

This is not out of character for me.

In the 1,000+ hours I played Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I meticulously organized all my things. I organized the things in my house, my storage, and all four of my display rooms at the museum. I meticulously organized my town, placing public works projects just so, so any new townsanimals moving to town couldn’t disrupt the flow of the place.

Xanadu was a lovely and deliberate town.

Now that I think about it, I’ve done the same (as much as I can, at any rate) with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

This is a known trend with me.

I like to organize, both in games, as well as reality.

But I can absolutely take it too far.

You know what? Too far is subjective anyway. Maybe this is how inventory should be managed? Maybe that was three hours well spent?

You may ask yourself: how can it take so long to go through imaginary items?

Good question!

I had to keep loading my three characters to find out who had what, who I wanted to have what, what full sets of gear I had, what pieces I still needed of certain sets, what items needed to be deleted, and so on. Doing all that meant I had several pages full of notes in that notebook dedicated solely to paring down my inventory.

Very few games have gotten me to the point where I’ve kept rigorous notes of what I have going on; I kind of love when a game has me that invested. Sure, Destiny 2 has problems, but it hooks me in a way other games generally have not. I didn’t even mind sitting there and making meticulous notes about all those items that don’t actually exist.

Good times.

I mean, if I hadn’t done that, I’d never have known that I actually do have a full set of Iron Banner gear.

Wheee! That’s one less thing to try to get!

With that I ask: how do you feel about inventory management in games? Do you keep notebooks full of notes on your items? Do you make sure you have so many of certain items? How particular do you get?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have missing pieces of gear to get.


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  1. I have to be honest. It’s one of the things I strongly dislike in games, particularly when I have to keep doing it to make room. No Man’s Sky (at launch) was the worst culprit. I spent more time in my menus than I did admiring starscapes, which was not the experience I had expected.

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    • Oh MAN. I also played a considerable amount of No Man’s Sky at launch and I 100% understand what you mean. It was tedious to manage all the tiny inventory slots. BLURG. I agree, not what I was expecting either.

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  2. That’s expert level inventory management! I enjoy a limited amount of inventory management. While I do appreciate that Destiny 2 now groups items together by type (helmets, etc…) and it is so much easier to delete duplicates (on the same account, I only have one character). I don’t understand why there isn’t “collections” for all sets, not just exotics, and why we can’t save load-outs. After spending awhile in inventory management and my load-out, I feel locked in because I can’t save it and I definitely won’t remember it once I start changing gear again.

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    • I don’t know about that! I think I was just willing to let a lot of things go.

      I really wish there were filters like that, too. Sets, specific weapon types, that would be great. Also, having loadouts would be interesting. I tend to stick with the same gear and weapons most of the time, but I could see it being helpful.


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