Well, It’s July Fourth…Again

Feels like Groundhog Day, ironically.

I’ve never been big into fireworks (noisy, dangerous, and often upsetting to people and creatures), and I don’t have a grill, so the Fourth of July has never really been a big celebratory time for me. Strangely, there seem to be several horror movies that take place around this time of year (e.g.: Jaws, I Know What You Did Last Summer), so I regularly use the day to bone up on some July Fourth horror favorites.

Otherwise, it’s a very normal Wednesday. The only real difference is my partner gets the day off, and we put the little-used harness on the dog for added safety (we live near Disneyland and while the nightly fireworks are of no interest to him, people letting off fireworks in close proximity can sometimes startle him); according to statistics, more dogs get loose and go missing on the Fourth of July than any other time of year. I am big into safety and want to take no chances.

Gaming-wise, I will be doing my weekly nonsense in Destiny 2, as well as hopefully playing A Way Out, a game inherently about freedom, so hopefully that counts for something.

What will you be doing this holiday? Special gaming plans?

I’m going to keep this one short, but I wanted to say: please be extra safe out there. And if you have any pets, please ensure they are extra safe as well. All those weird sounds freak out our creature friends.


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