I Would Like To Be Better At Playing Games

I often think about all the games I’d love to play, yet never seem to get to. Sometimes I look through my gaming library and think to myself: GOOD GOSH I HAVE A LOT OF GAMES I’D LOVE TO PLAY.

Then I promptly and thoroughly continue to not play them.

I mean, I also wouldn’t mind being better technically at games, but when I said I wanted to be better, I meant I wanted to be better about starting new games, period.

Long before E3, I’d been thinking about finally playing Fallout 4. I have not.

I’ve been wanting to start Detroit: Become Human. I have not.

I’ve been interested to dive in to Vampyr. I have not.

I have wanted to finally finish Everything, a game I adore. I have not.

I could make that list exceedingly long (while still remaining accurate), but I will spare you the boring details. Suffice to say, I have been holding myself back from playing much of anything new for a while, and I have no good reason why.

I have not been terribly productive.

I’d like to change that.

Last night, after playing Destiny 2 for the grillionth time (even though I know I should wait until the major expansion in September), I started Fallout Shelter. Now, this isn’t a big deal (I played a little of it on my iPad back when it initially released), but I felt a little pleased that I at least dove in to something, anything, new. I doubt I’ll keep at it, but that was never the point. I need to start doing that more, just clicking on the start button for whatever interests me at the time. I keep this running list of topical games I “need” to play and, not only do I almost never get to them, I often psych myself out, then wind up playing nothing at all.

What silliness.

The other day I did a deep dive of my PS4 digital library. HOLY F’ING S. I have so many games I’ve never touched but have wanted to.

Again I say: what silliness.

My partner is my role model in this area (and many others, if I’m being honest). He not only works more than one job, but he plays more games than anyone I know. I have never figured out how he crams so much into one day, but he does, and I think his time management is amazing. I’d love to be more like that. I love how he constantly dives in to new experiences with joy and gusto.

I could use a little gusto. I’m going to do my best to employ some.

With that I ask: do you find yourself playing the same games over and over? Or do you dive in to new games regularly?

Also: what will you be playing this weekend? I’m hoping to play anything that sounds interesting, no matter how short or long the experience. Time to just DO.

I can just DO.

Please be safe out there, friends.

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  1. I certainly get stuck in loops where I don’t want to start anything new so I just go back to the same stuff over and over.

    As for the weekend, I hope to put in Mario Tennis Aces which should get delivered today. I’ll probably just end up playing some old Genesis games though.

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