Gaining Excitement For E3 2018

The other day, I realized E3 is a little over six weeks away. Aside from Halloween, it’s my favorite time of year, and it’s impossible for me not to speculate what we might see at the various pressers.

So far the schedule is as follows:

Saturday, June 9th
EA / 11am PST

Sunday, June 10th
Microsoft / 1pm PST
Bethesda / 6:30pm PST

Monday, June 11th
Ubisoft / 1pm PST

Tuesday, June 12th
Nintendo / 9am PST

Sony: TBA


These are my off the cuff and brief predictions. I’d like to go into each further in the near future, but for now, here’s what I’m thinking.


Anthem and Battlefield. Probably some awkward moments. Good old EA.



Crackdown. Lots of technical specs. Heavy reliance on backwards compatibility. Hopefully some new exclusives.

Also, if the report I read was true, apparently Gearbox teased that they would talk about Borderlands 3 on June 10th, which happens to coincide with Microsoft’s presser. I think it’s likely we see it on their stage.



Other than Prey DLC, everything has to be a new announcement. Is this the year we hear about Elder Scrolls 6? It doesn’t seem likely but Bethesda is playing this one close to the chest.



Skull and Bones. The Division 2. Far Cry 5 DLC. Hopefully an apology for the ending of Far Cry 5. I’m kidding. Sort of.



Smash. Pokemon. Dear god please let there be an Animal Crossing for Switch.



The Last of Us: Part II. Ghost of Tsushima. Dreams. Spider-Man. Hopefully some fun surprises. Perhaps an update on Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue 3.



We already know Cyberpunk 2077 will be at E3 in some capacity and, if I had to wager, I’d guess it will be on Sony’s stage. It’s anyone’s guess if Red Dead Redemption 2 will make an appearance.


What are you most looking forward to at this year’s E3? What are your predictions?

On that note, what will you be playing this weekend? I’m hoping to get further in God of War. Everything else is gravy.

Cheers, friends. Please be safe out there.

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  1. For EA I want to see Anthem and the new Star Wars stuff. For Ubisoft I want some more details on Beyond Good and Evil 2 and the Division sequel. Bethesda could very well show Starfield off finally. Their sci-fi rpg that’s been rumored for years but I’m always excited for their show. And yes please for Cyberpunk!!!

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    • I’m guessing you will get your wish on most of those, honestly. It’s going to be a good E3 for you! And I can’t wait to see more Cyberpunk. I want to play that game so bad.


  2. I’m not sure what to expect at E3 now that it’s not so much “E3” as it is all of the major game companies making announcements around the same time on stages in close proximity to each other. Still, I love being a part of the excitement, even as the pre-E3 leaks begin. My personal hype train is for Spider-Man. I’m hoping so hard that Insomniac’s Spider-Man is equal to Rocksteady’s Batman. On the Microsoft end, I can’t help but hope for Halo 6.

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    • It is definitely changing, you’re right about that. I do hope they all go over the top this year. Last year was a bit too safe for me.

      Spider-Man definitely looks like a solid title. You don’t have long to wait now!

      And even though I rarely play on Xbox, I really hope they come out swinging this year. I’d love to see some actual exclusives on the stage. They could use the boost in that department.


  3. Definitely excited for Sony’ presser. As for the games, Ghost of Tsushima is the most anticipated for me. Anthem & Battlefield would be next in line. Also, I’ll be playing God of War as time allows this weekend.

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  4. Everything you mentioned would be nice and likely to see. EA’s in particular should be an interesting watch if only to see them constantly state how loot boxes won’t be in all their upcoming releases. I expect that to be one of the constants of this year: every big publisher stating how their games won’t have loot boxes.

    I’m hoping maybe this year there will be an announcement for Elder Scrolls VI. It’s been so long since a single player Elder Scrolls game.

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    • Oh my gosh, I think we should keep tabs on how often the term “loot box” or microtransaction gets used. That’s an excellent point! I hope they say it a bunch. :)

      Oh man, I’d love to hear that. Honestly I would. Sure, Skyrim is great, but it’s becoming a little ridiculous how often they have revisited that well.


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