Status Report: Week 18 (Thppppffffttttt)

My focus over the past week was all health-related. I forced myself to do something I called Operation: Get Outside. While that was a success, it was also physically exhausting, and it was all I could do to wait until dark to go to bed each night.

Last night I couldn’t even wait until dark, and I fell asleep at the ripe old hour of 6:30pm.

So, as you might expect, I didn’t play anything really over the last week. I’m sure my system needs to adjust to this new (and relatively large) change.

In essence: I’ve played nothing so I have nothing interesting to expound on. Unless you’d like me to discuss the social hierarchy of the dog park (both canine and human) in which case, I’ve observed a lot of odd things.

Hopefully this week will be different. I really, REALLY want to go back to God of War, and I’d like to wrap up the last of the side missions I have in Far Cry 5. Not to mention, I really want to get to Yakuza 6 as soon as all that is done.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week? What’s on your mind in general?

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  1. Been feeling blah these last few days. Plan to get back into God of War this week. Also, plan to go see Avengers too; no spoilers please!

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  2. Focus on your health and feel better! I truly hope that your excursions outside have helped you mend, I understand how draining chronic conditions are. Over the weekend I dived back into The Division, I previously spent twenty or so hours in it but never hit the end game because, at the time, so many were so disappointed with it. I love how visual The Division is with its plethora of icons and alerts. It is better played with others and I had some success with its matchmaking to make impromptu teams for whatever my goal was.

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    • I’m definitely working on it! I’m proud of myself for getting outside and being active each day, but hoo boy it’s taking a crazy toll on my system. I can’t seem to get enough sleep! Everything else is getting neglected. No games, emails, pretty much anything.

      And I’m so sorry you can relate on chronic conditions.

      Were you able to reach the endgame of The Division? I’m glad you had success with matchmaking!


  3. Right now I’m only really playing Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, which seems to be wrapping up. I might be able to finish it this week. I should look for something new to play in the meantime. Good luck with the games you play.

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  4. I managed to finish up the story for Far Cry 5 over the weekend. You were absolutely right about the ending being awful. I enjoyed the exploration and gameplay well enough and the story seemed to constantly be trying to interrupt it. It might be an interesting thought to do a spoiler post about it for further discussion for those that have played it or for those who are curious.

    I’ll probably start on God of War next and hopefully get to Yakuza 6 after that. Enjoy your time outdoor activities and/or gaming!

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    • Oh man, I’m sorry. I’m still baffled by how the game turned out like it did.

      I hope you are enjoying God of War!

      And thank you! I am so hilariously tired each day, I can barely stay awake until it gets dark. I’m ridiculous. :)


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