Status Report: Week 12 (One Track Mind)

I had alllllllll these plans to play a slew of smaller games over the past week, but all I could think about was Far Cry 5. Other than playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (I’ve been plugging away at the first fishing tourney), and playing my regularly scheduled Borderlands 2 on Saturday night, I barely played anything at all.

Oh, how could I forget? On Wednesday night a couple friends and I logged in to The Division to cruise around the Underground and rank up a bit. After playing for only a couple of hours, all of us felt varying degrees of illness. I felt so sick I not only had to take something for nausea, but also something for my head, and I curled up on the couch and tried to think the barfy feelings away. Later I did a little internet research (truly, very little) and found people have had motion sickness issues with The Division dating back to the initial release of the game. It’s odd that it didn’t affect me before, as I’ve played dozens of hours of the game. Perhaps it was something specifically about the Underground. No matter what it was, it left several of us feeling gnarly.

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, I feel like they finally found a way to get people to buy in to the microtransactions. For this event, there were more things than ever to spend leaf tickets on; you could spend some to rent a golden fishing rod for the duration of the tourney which would net two fish for each fish caught. I actually decided to rent the rod for 80 tickets (I had some stockpiled), but when I looked at all the other limited time items I could get, so many were only purchasable for leaf tickets, and the costs were high.

As much as I love to collect everything I possibly can in any Animal Crossing game, I’m not going to buy in to this model. I’d far rather pay for the cost of the game up front than be nickel and dimed all the way through. I’m still playing it, I’m just going to have to be okay with whatever I get.

And, over the past week, I’ve been chipping away at the prequel novelization of Far Cry 5: Far Cry Absolution. I’ve enjoyed other video game novelizations in the past (e.g.: BioShock Rapture), but this one just isn’t clicking with me. I’m going to finish it for sure, but, as of about halfway through, I’m not feeling it.

Alas, it’s still better than nothing and since we are now at one week (!!!) until I can pick up the game at faux midnight release, my excitement for the game is in overdrive. I’ve been watching videos every day about the game and the changes to the formula, and I honestly don’t think I could be more excited.

I’d love to believe that I will make some progress on some smaller games this week but the logical side of me thinks that’s a stretch. However, I will still make it my plan to play some smaller games or to finally finish up some of the games I’ve started.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this week?

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  1. I’ll be continuing my Burnout series playthrough with Legends on the Vita and Revenge on the 360. And come Tuesday I’ll be setting sail in Sea of Thieves.

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    • Are you enjoying Burnout? Are you getting the Burnout Paradise remaster?

      I’d love to hear what you think of Sea of Thieves. It looks interesting, but I’m also curious what the purpose of the game is, or the endgame, rather. Rare seems to be a bit aloof on that aspect.

      Either way, I hope you have fun!

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      • I am enjoying my Burnout series playthrough and I will be getting the Paradise remaster as soon as I wrap up my run through the series.

        I’m hoping to get to Sea of Thieves tonight and I too am curious as to what the endgame is. Fortunately because of Game Pass, I can give it a full go via the sub.

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        • Wheee!! Enjoy that soundtrack! I heard they kept all the licensed tracks and that it’s a time capsule to that era. I love that.

          Oh that’s true! I forgot it was part of the Game Pass. I hope you like it!

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    • I’d love to hear what you think of her! Her skills look kind of too good to be true, but that could be so much fun.

      I didn’t know you’d started playing Fortnite! I hope you enjoy that and MHW!


  2. Just seeing where the wind blows. Not much time for gaming this week due to work; I’ll definitely be gaming next week. I have spring break! :)

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  3. I started playing Nier: Automata again and I’m still enjoying it despite some annoyances with the combat and open world. Other than that I’ll be playing Gleaner Heights sporadically as well. I’m hoping to make some good progress in Nier: Automata so I can jump into Far Cry 5 as well.

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  4. This week I’ll be making my way through Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions. Beyond that, I’ll be playing Dead Rising 4.

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