Status Report: Week 6 (Radio Silence)

For my birthday late last year, my brother sent me a generous and unexpected gift: the ThinkGeek Borderlands Level 50 Swag-Filled Limited Edition Golden Loot Chest. I promptly set it up in my piano room, then proceeded to not take advantage of one of the most wonderful elements: the special Shift codes for legendary weapons in both Borderlands 2 as well as Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Part of that reason is because I hadn’t been playing Borderlands in recent times (which, of course, has changed in the last month), and part of it was because the weapons were advertised to come out at level 50 when the level cap (at least in Borderlands 2) is 72.

But I got to thinking about special weapon Shift codes and how they usually come out at whatever level you next load in the game at, so I booted up my level 72 Siren, entered a couple of the codes, and found my suspicions were correct: the weapons came out at my current level! I was awfully excited to finally see some of these rare guns I’d never seen in any of my grillion playthroughs of the game. Today I got to mess around with the Harold pistol, a weapon I’d only ever read about, and that was pretty darn neat, honestly. I’m excited to play around with several of the others in the near future. (Thank you, Steve, for this gift!)

Over the past week, I’ve kind of gone inward and a little radio silent. I’m parsing through some things, trying to give myself a mental tidy, and figuring out what I want from friendships, writing, and various other areas of life. Some of that thinking has put gaming on the sideline for the week, and that’s okay. I managed to get in some Division time with a friend, my regularly scheduled Saturday night Borderlands 2 with another friend, and a whole lot of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and the limited time event. I’ve been catching (and sharing) so many bats!

I also had a weird (and weirdly upsetting) thing happen on Wednesday night. I am generally incredibly keen on dental health and maintenance. I had braces as an adult (and no insurance) so, for many years, the bulk of the money I made went into paying for both the lead up to getting braces, as well as the braces themselves. My teeth were so overcrowded I’d had to have eight pulled before I could even get my braces on. That was about as fun as you’d imagine. Anyway, my braces came off the month before I turned 29, and it was the best investment I’d ever made; never before had I been able to smile without covering my mouth and feeling terribly self conscious. It was a revelation for me.

Anyway, on Wednesday night I was flossing, and I was using my special orthodontic floss to get under a dental implement installed behind my bottom teeth to keep them from shifting. Apparently after 12 years, dental glue is weakened and, as I flossed, the little metal bar popped right out. I was mortified. There were two sharp areas of glue in my mouth where the bar had been attached on both sides, and within hours, my tongue was raw from messing with them. Thank goodness for my dentist (who is amazing and quickly accommodating for emergencies); he got me in on Friday. The glue was polished away and now I am metal bar-less and smooth back of bottom teeth-ful. I no longer feel all broken from that pokey glue. But here’s hoping my teeth don’t shift. Time to head to an orthodontist here to get checked out. I’m disappointed I can’t go see my actual orthodontist back in Portland.

What a weird week.

This week (I’m sorry to broken record myself) I’m hoping to get to some single player games. I’m feeling very socially (and social media) awkward lately, and I think delving into some single player games for a while might be a good thing. I’m also hoping to get to some smaller indie titles I’ve been itching to experience.


The Olympics start this week!! I may not be into sports, generally, but when the Olympics are happening, I am all about them. It’s the only time I choose to attach the digital antennae so we actually get television.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this week? I’d love to hear about whatever is on your radar.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. I played Last Day of June yesterday. I think you would enjoy it very much. N.E.R.O-heavy, but incredibly charming and beautiful and implementation of the history-changing|story-revising mechanic and presentation could hardly be better (to me).

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    • All the footage I’ve seen has been BONKERS. Like…Meat Boy bonkers platforming. My platforming days are few and long behind me, but something about it makes me want to play it. Please let me know what you think of it the further you get in.

      And I hope you enjoy Monster Hunter!


  2. I’m going to be continuing a play through of far cry 3 this week in preparation for far cry 5. Also maybe some mass effect 2 for a palette cleanser.

    Also, pretty pumped for the olympics as well. Always a nice treat every two years to get invisted in some random sports and cheer on the athletes. My usual go to in the winter is the curling tournament. Such a relaxing sport to watch. Do you have a go to event to watch?

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    • Oh man, Far Cry 3 is one of my favorite games of all time. I hope you have such a good time.

      YEAHHH OLYMPICS!!! Curling is so interesting! I am a huge fan of figure skating, ice dancing, and various downhill activities, but shoot, I want to watch everything I can.


  3. Whoa I’ve never met another person who also had to get 8 teeth pulled for braces! In my lifetime, having those teeth pulled remains one of the most painful medical experiences that I’ve ever had. I had a variety of the medical gizmos affixed to my mouth during my time with braces and I wore my retainer as instructed but I still had some teeth marginally shift. I’m glad that you were able to have the broken dental implant fixed quickly, I understand how painful it is to have pieces of exposed metal in your mouth. Enjoy some single player game time. As the moment, I am so very game-less right now. I have nothing but work in my horizon and I’m trying my hardest to get out of it. We’ll see how much progress I make by Friday.

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    • No way, did you really?! That’s bonkers! Aww, I’m sorry it was so painful for you! I had six teeth pulled at once, but they put me out for it, so I don’t remember anything other than waking up, feeling silly, and my face looking like a chipmunk. Oh, and I also apparently swallowed so much blood by accident that I couldn’t stop barfing. Oops.

      I had a bunch of gizmos, too! And the implement (the bar behind my bottom teeth) is actually all gone now. My dentist didn’t want to put it back in, so he polished away the glue and did x-rays. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if anything changes or if I am safe without the bar.

      I am sorry you are gameless currently! I wish you many, many good games. And that you don’t have to work 24/7 forever.


  4. Thank you for the heads up on the shift code cards weapons, upgrading to ones current level, I had no idea they would level up past 50! What made the Harold pistol so special?
    Keep up the good work.
    Social media or less social media.

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    • I had a suspicion so I entered one and read the fine print. I made sure I loaded in my highest possible character with overlevel 2.

      I’m not sure of its inherent perks, I had just never seen one…ever. It was exciting to get my hands on one. Thank you for the really kind gift.


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