What Games Would You Like To See Given The Remaster Treatment?

With the Shadow of the Colossus remake freshly out of the gate and the Far Cry 3 Classic Edition announced for this summer, I’ve had remasters on the brain. We’ve recently seen announcements for current gen versions of Catherine, Dragon’s Crown, and Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, and it seems there is always a remastered version of Skyrim puttering around. But there are still some huge games I’d love to see given the remaster treatment.

I’ve made no secret that the remaster I most want would be from Sucker Punch. If they announced an inFAMOUS 1 and 2 remaster (including the Festival of Blood DLC), I’d be so happy I might burst. The first two inFAMOUS games are among my favorites of all time, and how they haven’t been ported to current gen is beyond me. I felt sure Sucker Punch was working on a new entry in the series so I naturally thought we’d get a remaster announcement once the upcoming game was announced. As we all know now, that announcement wasn’t a new inFAMOUS, but Ghost of Tsushima (which looks amazing and I can’t wait for it). It does make me wonder if we will ever see an inFAMOUS remaster, though.

Another game I felt sure would receive the remaster treatment was Red Dead Redemption. With the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2, and now the October release date reveal, I fully expected a remaster of the first to be announced to tide people over until the sequel hit shelves.

Alas, that doesn’t appear to be so.

When the Handsome Collection was announced, I was excited, but also wondered why the first game (my favorite in the Borderlands series) wasn’t included or offered separately. I feel that was a missed opportunity on a grand scale for Gearbox.

I often hear people clamoring for a remaster of the Mass Effect series. While I may not be a fan of those games, I’d love if they were given a rerelease for the legions of folks out there who would appreciate them. It would also go a long way for EA to create some much-needed goodwill after their recent massive missteps.

A couple of survival horror series I’d love to see given remasters are the Silent Hill and the Fatal Frame series. I know they have seen iterations of rerelease (e.g.: PS2 on PS3), but I’d love to see an overhaul where the control schemes for both were updated to never again include tank controls. I never managed to get through the first entry in either series, but spent a decent chunk of time with both. I always wanted to complete those initial entries before moving along to the others in the series, but the control schemes are clunky at best and held my enjoyment back.

But I do want to complete them sooner than later.

And, if we are talking about long shot hopes for remasters, I’d like to add Gitaroo Man (one of my partner’s favorite games from the PS2 era), and Disney’s Haunted Mansion (one of my favorite games from the PS2 era) to that list. I’m sure neither is up there on the likelihood scale, but good gosh would I love it if they were.

With that I ask: what remasters do you most wish for? And why?

I will continue pining away for the inFAMOUS games to be remastered. I want them so bad.  In the meantime, thank goodness I still have my PS3.

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  1. I would most assuredly and absolutely buy a Mass Effect trilogy remaster (but it has to come with all of the DLC, the DLC pricing in the franchise was often ridiculous)! I’d love to see InFamous remastered so that I could play the last generation games as well as the early God of War games. And eventually I’ll pick up the Shadow of the Colossus remaster. Reaching further back I’d definitely buy the PS1 era The Legend of Dragoon remaster. I had a ridiculous amount of fun with that game but I don’t recall reaching the end.

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  2. Mass Effect trilogy with dlc would be amazing. Also like to see Elder Scrolls Morrowond and Oblivion but that’s not very likely. I would also love teamsters of the KOTOR games and Jade Empire.

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    • Well I hope they finally create one one day. EA needs to do something to extend some goodwill to their disheartened fans.

      Hey, you never know. Though I am starting to wonder when they will announce another Elder Scrolls. They’ve been living high off the hog on Skyrim for a WHILE.


    • Man, I really thought they would have done one to hold us all over. Hopefully it’s still coming.

      And I do hope all the Mass Effect fans get a remaster of the trilogy.

      But ooooooooooooo do I want inFAMOUS.


  3. I agree with both Nathaniel & Colton 100%. I’d like to add Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat from the SNES era; Max Payne 3 from PS3. Street Fighter is the pinnacle of fighting games, imho! If there was a hall of fame for fighters, it, MK, & Tekken definitely would be shoe-ins for me, PERIOD (NO DISCUSSION NEEDED)!

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  4. I’m with a lot of the choices already mentioned, but I hope for some more obscure titles getting remasters too. My biggest dream remaster is Shenmue 1 & 2 which would be nice considering Shenmue 3 is supposedly coming out sometime this year. Some PS2 era remakes for me would be the Shadow Hearts and Xenosaga series. Finally, a lot of Nintendo franchises such as the earlier Japan-only Fire Emblem games and Mother/Earthbound 3.

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    • I do wonder if we will ever see a Shenmue series remaster. I almost feel like we won’t unless it is farmed out to another studio. The Shenmues don’t come out on a terribly timely schedule. I do hope 3 does well.

      Those are all good picks, but I have to ask: how was Mother? I wonder if we will ever see that game here.


      • In all honesty, it’s fairly unlikely it could happen. Graphically speaking, it might not be to difficult since both games were Dreamcast/Xbox era which might only mean smoothing out the polygons. The controls however are a different issue altogether. Considering these games were made before dual analog controls were common, the movement and camera are really finicky and the combat engine is really rough. I’m not sure if overall interest would make this financially possible, but as a fan of the series I always like to dream. I really hope Shenmue 3 does well too. When I heard it announced at E3 2016 I couldn’t believe it, but what I heard from the Kickstarter and afterwards only makes me worry. I’ll buy it, but I’m still not even sure what the final product will be and the lack of any real updates is concerning.

        In regards to the Mother series, I’ve only played Mother 2 which was Earthbound on the SNES. It’s a fun turn based JRPG which was unique at the time being set in modern suburbia instead of a fantasy-themed setting. The characters are all quirky and the humor was goofy which also made it unique. It’s worth a play if you have the SNES classic or ability to purchase it on the virtual console. My brother played an imported version of Mother 3 with a translation for the GBA. He said it’s just as good as Earthbound and the story is a lot darker even though there are bits of humor like in Earthbound. It’s a shame this game still hasn’t been released anywhere but Japan since it was available on their virtual console and the only real thing to do is localize the text.

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        • I’m also a little worried about Shenmue 3, but hopefully everyone involved gets it together and smoothed for release.

          I do have a SNES Classic!! I’ve always wanted to play Earthbound. I do hope Nintendo brings Mother 3 over for all the people who have wanted to play it. It seems odd they never did.


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