La Mousse De Pamplemousse

I took French for many years in school; during my sophomore year, one of our class projects was to create a commercial entirely in french.

One of my high school good friends (real name: Kelly; french name: Cecile) and I paired up, and we started brainstorming ideas for our commercial.

Kelly and I were both quite silly and, at one point, one of us said, “La Mousse De Pamplemousse.”

Now, that was pretty much gibberish, as it translates to: grapefruit mousse (of which I’ve never heard or seen), but we were both so tickled by it, that we decided to make our commercial for it anyway.

My brother is a trained chef and I borrowed two chef jackets and puffy chef hats. We assembled some steel mixing bowls, a whisk, and a spatula.

To add to the silliness of the project, all the commercials were being filmed. We were sent to a room close to the french room to film our commercial and…well…things went off the rails.

Kelly and I were so beside ourselves with whatever dumb dialogue we had written that we couldn’t stop laughing. It didn’t help that every time we looked at each other, we would also burst into hysterical laughter. We were using a few tubs of Cool Whip as a stand-in for our mousse, and we had dumped some into each of our steel bowls.

I don’t know at what point we started talking like the Swedish chef, but we both did, and we both couldn’t stop. I can’t recall who was doing the actual filming of this “commercial,” but I can’t imagine they were too amused with us.

Certainly not as amused as we were.

We had a loose script, but that may as well have been thrown out the window. We wound up saying BORK BORK and BEEGEN BORGEN and other completely nonsensical Swedish chef-isms. When either of us made the mistake of looking at the other, it was game over.

But then.

One of us accidentally flung Cool Whip from our bowl.

Looking back, that was the real mistake.

I should side step here for a moment and discuss how much I love throwing food. I mean, I love it. I won’t do it inside or where it would be inappropriate (I wish I could say I always followed those self-imposed rules, historically), but there is something deeply hilarious about food flying through the air. Perhaps it was one of my favorite books as a kid (Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs), or just the idea that it was completely inappropriate, but I was amused by food being thrown.

Back to the mayhem of our commercial.

One of us accidentally flung some Cool Whip out of the bowl, and we both sort of froze and stared at each other. Some silent pledge was exchanged and, quite suddenly, there was Cool Whip everywhere.

We cleaned it all up and I’m not even sure we ever finished filming our commercial. I have no idea what grade we received. I do know when I think of the Swedish chef, I think of all those BORKs and BEEGEN BORGENs and I can practically smell the Cool Whip sailing by. I wonder how Kelly is doing and if she ever thinks back on that exercise in silliness.

La Mousse De Pamplemousse, friends. It could have been big.

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