Here I Go Again

As much as I’ve played both games in the Destiny universe (and, all told, it’s well over 1,000 hours), I think it’s easy to say I’ve spent more time collectively in the Borderlands universe.

I’ve played the first game so many times I’ve actually lost count. It’s a conservative estimate to say I’ve beat it over two dozen times. The same can be said for the sequel (across current and prior gen). I’ve not played a series more with so many different people. There is something about Borderlands (aside from the obvious co-op options) that lends itself to connecting with others.

Late last year, a friend (the same one I cruised through Dark Souls III with) brought up the subject of playing through Borderlands 2 on current gen via The Handsome Collection. He is obsessed with platinum trophies, and said he wanted to get the plat for Borderlands 2.

Now, I almost don’t care at all about platinum trophies, but I happen to have it for Borderlands 2…twice. I got it on last gen and current gen. I never set out to, but, at some point, I realized how close I was to it and thought, sure, why not?

I warned him the plat was time consuming and he doesn’t seem to care so…HERE I GO AGAIN.

At this point in my Borderlands life, I find myself looking at the game differently then I once did. I feel like the opening hours in the tundra drag on a bit too long. I feel like the jokes are a bit dated (which makes sense since they were very of the time when the game released). I feel like one particular sequence still makes me dread it (it’s a spoiler) so I always just want to get it over with.

All that being said, I still love playing the game; it’s always interesting to play it with different people to see how they like to approach things.

My favorite co-op partner is my real life partner. We approach games similarly (I may exercise a bit more caution than he does), and are both huge fans of the “run in and wreak havoc” playstyle.

It’s pretty great.

I once played through the first Borderlands with a friend who didn’t want to use his action skill because he didn’t want to waste it. He also chose Brick (boy oh boy, do I love Brick), who is an up close and personal character, but would hang back from combat. It took a while to convince him to come out and play (literally), but it was interesting to see how very differently he played than I did.

I’ve played with another person who was just along for the ride and was more than happy for me to show them where all the secrets and fun things were. That was kind of cool because it was so outside of my wheelhouse. I don’t often do the tour of games I play with people, but I’m so familiar with this series that it’s fun to share those secrets with others.

I guess we’ll see how it goes tonight.

With that I ask, what will you be playing this weekend?

I’m hoping to continue with Dead Rising 4, What Remains of Edith Finch (weird story why I didn’t finish in one sitting, but more on that next week), and, yes, probably a little Destiny 2.

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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