Too Many Sales, Too Many Games (First World Problems)

One thing I find myself thinking at the start of every calendar year is that this year will be different when it comes to buying games. I convince myself that I will be frugal and reserved. In reality, the excitement for new releases gets to me and I find myself once again buying (and often not even playing) the newest titles.

I do not like that trait in myself.

Game sales do not help.

Sony has been having massive sales on digital titles via the PlayStation Store. For the past month, each week there are tons of different games on sale, some for just a couple of dollars. I’m finding that any game I’ve had a passing interest in is this ridiculous temptation, and having PSN credit in my wallet from the holidays makes it easier still.

I was looking through the newly added sale titles today when I came across a game called Shred It. All I saw was a snowboarding dog and I was like, I COULD BE THAT SNOWBOARDING DOG. It was only five dollars and I bought it.

As a sole purchase, this wouldn’t be notable. As yet another purchase in a long line of purchases made but games not played (sorry for the amateur rap lyrics), it made me feel gross.

But I did it anyway.

I watched the trailer and the world is all papercraft. That had me hooked, too. When I saw the papercraft dog doing papercraft snowboarding I was like, WELL I HAVE TO SNOWBOARD THROUGH PAPER. THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN ME AND THIS PAPERCRAFT EXPERIENCE IS FIVE DOLLARS. DOLLARS ARE PAPER, TOO.

And that is how I wound up with Shred It, even though I’ve never played a snowboarding game and have never had the urge to play a snowboarding game.


While the PlayStation Store has been wooing me with digital delicacies, Amazon has been doing its part to sell me on a grillion other things. Existing games have been marked down in many cases. Pre-orders (as a Prime member) are 20% off. Even titles I’m on the fence about pre-ordering have been singing their siren song from Amazon to take advantage of the discount. I’m suddenly finding I’ve got a lot more games pre-ordered than I planned for 2018. I try to reason out that I’m saving money (which is hilarious in its own right) which, in its own small way, is correct, but really, I’m doing the same thing I do every year: I am letting my excitement for new games carry me away when I already have an embarrassing number of games just waiting to be played.

I find myself susceptible to all these sales and discounts and excitement. I know I should be smarter about it and conserve, yet I see something like Dropmix on sale for $50 and I think: I WANT TO HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE; DROPMIX ME, PLEASE.

Next thing I know, this arrives from Amazon:

Like, it’s becoming a real problem. I need to start having these experiences to justify all this spending. Otherwise, I’m just a video game glutton and that sounds terrible now that I’ve typed it out.

I’m ready to experience games again. There are so many games, games that I have, and I can’t wait to partake.

Do you find sales (either digital or physical) to be temptations you can’t say no to? Or are you of solid countenance and hold out until you have time to play what you buy? I’d love to hear how others handle sales and excitement for new titles.

In the meantime, I’m going to be thinking about…

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  1. I honestly only buy maaaaybe two or three games a year, tops. Last year I think the only one I bought was Wolfenstein. There were plenty of others I wanted, but it’s hard to justify the money it would take when in all likelihood I wouldn’t get to many of them.

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  2. I tend to buy a lot of games too. If there’s a game I’m excited for, I’ll most likely buy it but I try to wait for sales for games I’m on the fence for or don’t think the initial asking price matches what’s offered in gameplay. I have every intention to play every game I buy at some point, but my backlog is pretty massive. My brothers at least get to play the games I buy so it’s not a total loss.

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