Destiny 2, You’re Doing Me A Concern

Since Destiny 2 was officially revealed, I’ve been beyond excited for it. Since the date of the beta was announced, I’ve had it stamped into my mental calendar.

I’ve never made a secret of my love for Destiny.

But in the last couple of weeks, there have been leaks of information that have me, for the first time, concerned about Destiny 2.

I’m all for progress and positive changes being made, but a few of the announcements have me puzzled. It would seem there are perhaps too many changes on deck. Some of them have me wondering who the changes are being made for and why.

It was announced there would no longer be differing “rolls” on weapons. Instead, there will be a static set of perks for each weapon.

On one hand, that almost makes sense to me. It can take forever to find a particular weapon you are seeking; when you get a bad roll on it, it’s insult to injury. But on the flip side, if I wanted a Devil’s Dawn and I finally got one, what further incentive would I have to do the Sepik’s Perfected strike again? I mean, sure I could do it simply to do it, but what would be the point? Also, some people like certain perks that others do not. What constitutes a god roll for one person might be a lesser weapon to another.

At the Destiny 2 reveal, it was announced that all Crucible modes going forward would be four vs. four. That might not be an issue for Crucible stars, but for someone like me who barely gets by, that adds a lot more pressure to do well. Still, the changes to how weapons will be classified made it seem possible that the Crucible would be a lot “friendlier” to play.

It was also shown there would be less agency with subclass builds. I won’t lie: I was disappointed with that news. I like being able to tweak my subclass for particular situations. I’m sure the streamlining is for newer players coming in, but what about those of us who have stuck by Destiny and loved it from the beginning?

Add to that the removal of the grimoire, and there is even more upheaval. I know many players scoffed at the system, but there is a large contingency of players who love the lore and loved the grimoire. I’m glad Bungie wanted to put more of the story in the game, but why not keep the grimoire in addition?

I wish they would.

But, overall, it was the announcement yesterday about locked loadouts for certain activities that gave me pause.

Destiny, to me, has always been about player agency. You choose your character. You choose your subclass. You choose your weapons with the perks you like. You choose your gear, your shader, your emblem. For me, Destiny has always been about the choice of how you’d like to approach a task. With each new announcement, it feels like Bungie is taking those choices away. What will we be left with when the options are stripped away? Something resembling Call of Duty? Certainly Activision enjoys the success of that franchise. But Destiny is a different beast entirely.

I have no doubt the gameplay will be as smooth as ever, and the visuals stunning. And, yes, the gameplay is a part of why I love the game. But if Bungie/Activision take so many of the choices away from the player, what type of experience will be left?

Honestly? I have no idea. I’m more interested than ever to play the beta to get a feel for the current state of the game. But I’m more concerned about the finished product than ever. I know I will play the final release, but if all these changes make it to the retail version, I’m not sure Destiny 2 will be the game I’ve been hoping it would be.

What do you think of these announcements? If you are already a Destiny player, are you excited for or wary of these announcements? If you are a newcomer to the series, do these changes appeal to you? If so, why? I’m curious to hear from both sides.

Also, what will you be playing this weekend?

I’m hoping to finally start (I know, I know) Wolfenstein: The New Order, and I might be playing some Dark Souls III with a brave friend who is willing to help me through it. I’m already nervous.

Cheers, friends. Please be safe out there.

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  1. You said Wolfenstein and Dark Souls in the same sentence. It’s beautiful. *wipes away tear*

    I never really got into the first Destiny. For a lot of reasons, honestly, but mainly because, at the time, I didn’t really know anyone who was playing, and it seems like the kind of game that would be a lot more fun with a group of friends.

    It sounds like a lot of the changes they’re making are trying to address some of the concerns I saw a lot of talk about – the repetition, the strange level up system, the lack of a cohesive narrative in the game itself… I’m not sure how it’ll play out though, because it seems like a lot of those things were also what fans enjoyed about it. So I dunno, but I hope that for your sake, it doesn’t end up being a disappointment.

    I’m gonna keep plugging away at Darksiders 2. Unless Dark Souls 3 summons me again…

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    • I’m glad it pleases you!

      Destiny is indeed a very different game with people as opposed to solo. I prefer playing it with people, but I sometimes also enjoy solo play.

      I feel like they have addressed concerns, but then gone far past that with strange choices. Perhaps they will play out fine, but I think, generally, the more choice you take away from the player, the less invested they will be.

      Well if you want to play some Dark Souls III and don’t mind hearing me swear, I’m down.


  2. I really wanted to like Destiny, and I guess I do in a way. It feels good and it’s fun to play unless you’re being dragged, kicking and screaming, through the content by co-op partners who’ve already beat it and just want to get you “raid ready” as quickly as possible. I’m not nearly as familiar with the changes to know if they are taking away things I like or adding things that are better. I just know that if I’m going to enjoy the sequel, knowing what I know about myself, I will have to jump on it on day one to play with others who are also experiencing those missions for the first time as well.

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    • I could see that. And yes, I know there are some players like that.

      The changes (at first) they announced seemed like positive ones, but some of the recent points have been concerning. I think any time choice is taken away from the player, they become less invested.

      Well if you DO play day one, I hope you enjoy it! Perhaps jump into the beta this month to see what you think?


  3. You make good points. I haven’t followed all of the announcements about Destiny 2. I figured that hands-on game time via the beta would help me understand the gameplay changes. On one hand, the changes made via updates and the expansions for the original Destiny were largely positive. I remember before the first overhaul how nearly impossible it was to collect ascendant shards/energy for upgrading gear and how much more fun I had with the changes to the upgrade system. On the other hand, to your point, everything is changing and it leaves me wondering what’s left. I’ll be sad to leave even the Tower behind. I’m not sure what to expect with Destiny 2. I’m most hopeful with the in-game matchmaking/LFG features. For now, my trust is based on Bungie’s previous changes to Destiny being well-done but you’re right to wonder what exactly we’re getting with Destiny 2.

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    • The more announcements that are made the more I wonder what is going on. I am also more and more interested in the beta as I think it will be a decent indicator of the game’s direction and feel.

      And I’m with you: I feel like so many of those changes in the first six to twelve months greatly improved the game. But the new list of changes being made are removing more and more player agency and I take issue there.

      I will also be sad to leave the tower. I’ve spent so much time there. At least we will get to fight to protect it (even though we fail).


  4. For the first few months of playing Destiny I had a good time mostly. I haven’t really been following the Destiny 2 news but I do plan on trying the beta. I’ve been wanting to play Horizon Zero Dawn again so now is a good time cause of new game plus being added.

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  5. Staying away from Destiny 2. I’ll be playing Sniper Elite 4 as time allows. I’ll be busy moving. I won’t be playing much over the next week or so.

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  6. I loved the first Destiny. I am a Day One Player but I have similar concerns. It is good that they are experimenting with different styles and ways of play but the fact is, in certain situations you switch loadouts and stuff to counter new situations, especially in PVP. In regards to the static perks there are the weapon mods that I am assuming there will be a lot of so at least there will be customisation in that regard.

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    • I just hope they explicitly explain which activities will be restricted and why. If it is relegated to Trials, I don’t really take issue with that, but I heard it may apply to the raids, as well. That would be a mess, in my opinion.

      I’m also waiting to hear exactly how the static weapons will work out. I think it could either be great…or something else.


      • I would honestly be so disappointed if Raids had locked loadouts. Crucible is not that bad imo, as it makes players think and strategize beforehand but even if they are, it might work with how the Raid has been altered. Maybe it will mean you cannot change while the each part of the Raid is running, but you are able to change at checkpoints or something. I reckon there will be an abundance of weapon mods that make up for the lack of customisation and choice in the weapon perks

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        • For raids, I’d almost be okay with that since the strategy for each section wouldn’t change. I still think it’s weird, but that wouldn’t be quite so awful. Crucible I sort of have a problem with, as you never know what map you’ll be on until the last minute, at which point it’s too late to change your loadout to suit the situation. If it were Trials, I’d be okay, since it often stays on the same map (I’m not sure if it will be going forward).

          But I hope you’re right about the weapon mods. Either way, I think locked loadouts are a weird thing.

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          • But even with Crucible it kind of challenges you to be different and skilled with whatever you get stuck with. I mean all the new maps revealed appear to have multiple routes and such so it encourage different styles of play but i still agree. Weird af! Ive heard it from heaps of different sources so im assuming ahahah

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            • I guess I can see that, but I still think it’s weird to take choices AWAY from the player, no matter the reasons. I mean, they already took choices away with the subclass builds. I just feel strange about it.

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              • I definitely understand the trepidation. I don’t like how they are trying to make it simpler. Simpler usually means less options like you mentioned and they could be making a mistake especially with the subclass stuff!

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                • I LOVE messing with my subclass based on my activity. I just hope they didn’t go too far the other direction trying to make the game “friendly” for newcomers. I’m all about people trying out new games and having good experiences, but the more news that leaks, the more I feel strange. How are we supposed to feel invested when so much less choice is involved? I am more curious than ever about the beta next week. And I know I will still at least play through Destiny 2, but so many of these changes make me wonder about the staying power…for me.

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                  • I’m exactly the same. I mean I wasn’t with my main but nothing can beat a Voidwalker with Bloom. It wasnt that complicated to begin with. Your typical rpg is a million times more complex than Destiny was. Well I hope you do end up staying despite the weirdness and apparent lack of choice.

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