Status Report: Week Twenty-Eight (Winner Winner Ramen Dinner!)

What a week it was!

I’m happy to report that even though I still feel like garbage, at least I was moderately productive. Hooray!

I watched as much as I could of Summer Games Done Quick, and it only fueled my desire to learn more about speedrunning. I don’t think I’ll be particularly great at it, but I’d still love to try. The Park is first up on my docket.

I also got in some solid Destiny time (thanks to Iron Banner), and I made the final push on my Age of Triumph book. I had been at 99% for a couple of weeks and I decided to cross the finish line with crucible wins. I was able to connect with two of my favorite co-op partners and my big goal was to reach completion.

Bungie has an offer for anyone who completes their Age of Triumph book to get a special t-shirt (which can be personalized with your PSN ID or gamertag). I wasn’t keen on the design of the shirt and didn’t want to order one, but I did really like the spicy ramen t-shirt on the Bungie store. I told myself that once I completed the book, the spicy ramen shirt would be my reward.

So imagine my dismay last week when I visited the store and saw it was sold out.


I signed up to be notified when it was back in stock but I wasn’t holding my breath. Imagine my surprise when I received an email on the 7th from Bungie letting me know it was back in stock! I hadn’t yet finished my book so I didn’t immediately place my order.


That same day I saw a post from Bungie about Bungie day, and there was a discount code available for the store.

I bit the bullet and ordered the shirt before I finished the book. No regrets.

On Saturday morning, two friends and I hit up Iron Banner so I could earn that Winner Winner Ramen Dinner reward without having to feel guilty.

Pretend spicy ramen never tasted so good. It was a delicious moment in my Destiny trajectory.

I also dove in to Dark Souls III this past weekend with a friend, and it has been one of those situations where you get to see someone in their element. I love getting to play games with people who know a game inside and out. Dark Souls is his bag. I’m loving the ride so far and it’s been a friendship-building experience. I’m not great at Dark Souls, but I’m trying and hopefully improving, albeit in tiny increments. I also got to attack a giant enemy crab, but, sadly, there was no flipping him on his back to attack his weak spot for massive damage.


I did it in spirit.

I also learned that people who invade your game are usually dirtbags, however yesterday, there was one strange fellow who was apparently part of a brotherhood that can either help you or attack you.

He followed us around and every time we defeated an enemy, he activated an emote (that sounded very Deadly Premonitiony) and cheered us on. I still thought he might be trolling us…until another entirely bad person invaded my game. At that point, he sprang into action and mowed that bad guy down. He was there to help the whole time. It made me smile that some people would join a game just to help someone else and then disappear into thin air.

I’m already looking forward to picking the game back up next weekend. I’m lucky to have such an excellent guide and co-op partner to play with! It’s been a blast so far.

I didn’t get to Wolfenstein, but, and I know I’ve said this a dozen times, I’m going to start it today for sure. I’m really going to try to focus on playing more games and I think I’ve been making good on that promise to myself. I hope to keep it up.

I feel good about how the last week went and I’m already looking forward to this week.

What are you hoping to play this week?

Enjoy the digital ramen!

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  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I’m glad I’m not just coming off as an obnoxious know it all – I’m having a ton of fun!

    Also, just for the record – you can totally flip the crabs over and attack their weak spots for massive damage… we just didn’t get the opportunity!

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    • I’m enjoying it far more than I thought I would, honestly. And you aren’t at all; your knowledge and co-op presence are making the experience a joy rather than…a frustration fest. Thank you for being patient with me while I learn to methodically and slowly hit the buttons. :)

      WHAT?!?!?! I did not know I could actually do that!! I feel like I’ve failed in my gamer-ness. Ancient Japan would be so ashamed of me…


        • For the love of all things holy and digital, PLEASE SHOW ME HOW TO FLIP IT ON ITS BACK TO ATTACK ITS WEAK SPOT FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE.

          I’m serious, Brad. If I don’t, I won’t be able to live with my shame.


  2. Glad to hear you are having a good time with Dark Souls 3. I’ll be playing RE7,Horizon Zero Dawn and probably a little Overwatch with friends.

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  3. Glad that you’re playing games and having fun! I haven’t spent too much time playing lately. I made some progress in Mass Effect Andromeda finding stress relief inside the comforting Mass Effect universe. With all of the game sales, I bought Halo Wars 2 specifically to try out Microsoft’s new “speech to text” feature. In multiplayer chat, I can hear that there’s voices but depending on the voice depends on if I can understand anything. I’m super excited to see how well this feature works (or doesn’t work) but Halo Wars 2 is the only game that supports it currently. By the way, I’m so terrible at Dark Souls 3 that I traded it in nearly immediately. All Dark Souls 3 players are better gamers than I.

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    • Me too, me too! But I’m sorry you haven’t been able to play much. I’m glad Andromeda has been a stress relief! That’s wonderful in and of itself!

      I had not seen anything about that feature; interesting! Please let me know how it works. I think that’s fascinating.

      Oh, allow me to clarify, I am MAYBE passable at Dark Souls III. My guide is amazing at it and (as much as I don’t like to admit it) is more or less carrying me. I’m still trying to fight everyone I can and get in there on the bosses, but it’s absolutely a different game with a friend as opposed to just me running around and trying not to get killed all the time. I think all gamers have different skills. I may be good at shooters, but I’m less good at 3D platformers. Hopefully that makes sense. I slept weird and my brain isn’t on yet. :)


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