The Deconstructed Pop Art Of Filip Hodas

Yesterday, completely by chance, I came across an artist I’d never encountered before: Filip Hodas. Hodas is a freelance 3D artist from Prague, and as soon as I saw his deconstructed pop art series, I knew I wanted to share it. (For more information on Hodas, please check out his Facebook page which has links to many other ways you can find and support his art.)

I’ve always been fascinated by urban atrophy and nature reclaiming various environments (I could rattle on about some beautiful images I’ve seen of both instances), but I’d never seen art done in quite this way. Hodas’s work is so mesmerizing, the more I see it, the more I want to see it.

Below, please find a handful of his pieces in this vein, and please do check out more about him if you are so inclined.

(P.S. I would normally resize the images down, but the work is so beautiful, I’m leaving them large for the pleasure of your eye holes.)










I almost wanted to provide commentary on each image, but decided against it. I love just staring at them. They are atmospheric and that hooks me in such a way that I want to explore each environment. I want to be able to play a video game with these environments (the McDonald’s Happy Meal image gives me Fallout feelings) to really appreciate them up close and personal.

I will certainly be exploring his art further.

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    • I’m sure Naughty Dog took much inspiration from some of the folks out there who have documented urban atrophy for years. It’s quite beautiful in its way.


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