My July Fourth Horror Movie Playlist Additions: 2017 Edition

It’s that time again! Time for yet another themed horror movie marathon.

I have a tried and true Fourth of July horror movie playlist I rarely deviate from, but certain films get added here and there depending on the year. For my list of Fourth standards, please see the link above. For this year’s random inclusions, please see my list below!


Cabin in the Woods

I didn’t love this movie when it released (it’s one of the rare modern films I’ve actually seen in the theatre), but it’s grown on me over time. It may not be specifically about the holiday, but they are going to the woods to rough it, and I associate that with summer.



I’ve only ever seen this once, but, again, it involves a group of “kids” heading out of town for a cabin in the woods experience. On their way there, things go unintentionally wrong and the rest of the movie is fairly tense. I’m going to have to revisit this one for a refresher.


The Funhouse

I’m a sucker for a carnival atmosphere, and this has it in spades. The movie gets a bit gross both visually as well as conceptually, but I still mostly enjoy it.


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Not only is this my favorite Paranormal Activity film, it’s one of my favorite horror movies in recent years. It is more of a graduation-themed movie, but I associate it with summertime. Plus, I’m always down to watch it. It feels “real” without being cheesy.


Texas Chainsaw

I’m not exactly sure of the time frame of the movie, but there is a carnival involved and it looks like summertime, so this makes the list. Add in a weird house left to the main character, and I’m on board. It’s more gory than I’d prefer, but it’s atmospheric, and that’s the hook for me.


Wrong Turn

Again, not Fourth related, but “kids” off to the woods for recreation. It’s not a masterpiece, but I still enjoy it. Though it is pretty grody at times.


So there you have it! The additions to my annual Fourth of July horror movie playlist. I’ve already watched I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, but I still need to watch Jaws. I may put any one of these on in the background while I get things done today. It’s nice to have options!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, please be safe out there, friends. And if you have any recommendations for my horror movie playlist, please let me know! Cheers.

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    • Do you mean the original Texas Chainsaw or the 2013 one? I’m not a huge fan of the original, but I did like the 2013 one (the one I referenced in the piece). I do wish they were less gory, but oh well.


  1. Today was recuperation. We went out of town for the holiday weekend and returned absolutely exhausted. The 4th of July gaming sales got me. At GameStop’s “buy 2, get 1 free” sale I nabbed my PS “must haves” of The Last of Us, Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection, Infamous: Second Son and I threw in The Order: 1886. The PSN sale has me eyeballing other classics such as Journey and God of War III. However, my new Playstation 4 only has 500 MB of memory and I’ve already purchased an external hard drive for my Xbox One. Except for multiplatform games with a PS advantage (i.e. Destiny 2), I’ll keep on with my Xbox One and so I’m looking at Little Nightmares on the Xbox Live sale. Whew, I just need more time to play! I got a few hours on The Last of Us and Mass Effect: Andromeda this weekend maybe I’ll get another hour or two tonight. I hope that you enjoyed your movie marathon!

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    • Sometimes those sales will get you! Honestly, it sounds like you got some excellent deals, particularly on your PlayStation titles. I will encourage you to pick up Journey; it’s amazing.

      You are swimming in gaming experiences! Hooray!

      And thank you. It was a shorter marathon than I thought it would be, but still fun. I mean, as fun as a movie marathon for one can be. :)


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