Status Report: Week Twenty-Seven (Actually Playing!)

Extended holiday weekend greetings! I know not everyone out there will have an extended weekend, so how about, I am extending you holiday weekend greetings?

Typically, when the Fourth of July rolls around, horror movies take precedence over games (each year I revisit my playlist of Fourth-related horror movies). I’ve already watched I Know What You Did Last Summer as well as I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, so I’m ahead on my schedule, but at some point in the next 24 hours, I will most certainly watch Jaws as well. I also wouldn’t mind revisiting any camp-themed horror films either.

Over the weekend I played quite a bit of Killing Floor 2 with my partner (and later on a friend joined us), and something about that game clicks with me. It’s a bit of a disappointment there are only two bosses, but I find myself moderately obsessed with finding the collectibles in each level. There is something unspeakably funny to me about fighting off hordes of enemies and also getting excited when I find a volleyball or a ventriloquist’s dummy. I’d like to find the collectibles in every level, and I’m well on my way. This is some of the most fun I’ve had with a free game from PlayStation Plus.

I may not be a huge fan of the interface, but I find something about the game engaging. I’m also a huge fan of the environments. So far, my favorite is the farmhouse (seen above). I love how it’s dark and misty and fairly compact. There aren’t many places to hide.

I also checked out a game due to a bit of controversy I read about it. The game is called 1000 Top Rated, and it just so happened to be on sale for under a dollar on the PlayStation store. Apparently in its first incarnation, it was billed as the “World’s Fastest Platinum Trophy” game, however PlayStation asked the developers to change the name, which they did, and it wound up being 1000 Top Rated.

Before I read about it, I didn’t know anything about it. It turns out it is a slide puzzle game. When I booted it up yesterday to see what the fuss was about, I realized something interesting: I’m not good at slide puzzles. Perhaps it is because I’m still sick and have been for over five months now, but I was amazed at how bad I was at completing slide puzzles. I wasn’t having any fun at all. Even the allure of an “easy” platinum trophy wasn’t enough to keep me playing. I turned it off and I’m not sure I’ll ever turn it back on.

And that right there made me feel kind of nice. I’ve never been much of a trophy hunter. I mean, sure, I will look at the trophy list of a game I’m enjoying to see if there are any low-hanging trophies to pick off, but I’m not one to spend an insane amount of time just to 100% a game. There are only a handful of exceptions, the most prominent being when I got the platinum trophy twice for the same game: Borderlands 2. I got it once on PS3, and again on PS4 when it released as part of The Handsome Collection. I only have eight platinum trophies total, so having two for the same game is moderately amusing. And two of the others I can’t even take credit for: my partner got them when we used to share both a system and an account. He got his own system last July and he already has eleven platinums!

I think we can all see I don’t care so much about getting platinum trophies.

I’ve also been watching Summer Games Done Quick off and on via Twitch. I love watching these speedruns and I can’t wait to start trying to run a couple games, myself.

I’m also going to (finally!) be starting Wolfenstein: The New Order today. I’m really excited. I may not be playing games as much as I did before I got sick, but I’m definitely working on getting back there.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this week? Do you have any plans for the Fourth? Do tell!

No matter what you do, please be safe out there. And if you live with creatures, I hope they are not too unsettled by the impending fireworks. Cheers, friends.

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  1. Happy 4th july to you and your family!

    I was playing through Prince of Persia (2008) and the game still real pretty! I’ve never had the chance to play it before and I thought it was console exclusive, so when I saw on sale on, I had to buy it. It’s super easy, I don’t think you can even die, but it’s relaxing and both protagonists are super cool. Too bad is unlikely Ubisoft will make games like this anymore.


    I put everything on hold for Crash N. Sane Trilogy! Beat the first game yesterday(so hard!) and now I’m trying to platinum the second one. I don’t care about platinums, but it’s a game that I really love, so I’ll make the effort. I also platinum’d my favorite of all time, GTA San Andreas. Other than that I think I only got for Saints Row IV and telltale games.

    Glad you’re playing more often! Wolfenstein looks fun, I still want to play it. I hope you can share your thoughts about it when you start playing it.

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    • Thank you! And to you as well (though I’m not sure it’s much of a holiday for Brazil). Even so, I wish you good food and mirth!

      I’ve actually never played a Prince of Persia game! It’s weird because I play a lot of Ubisoft games, but I’ve somehow never gotten around to one. Your description makes me want to at least try.

      I’m so glad you are loving Crash! And I wish you much good progress on the platinum! I love when games are so good they make us want to see everything they have to offer. When an experience is that engaging, it’s gaming at its best.

      Thank you!! ME TOO! And I’m planning on jumping in to some Wolfenstein today! I really liked the 2009 version and I’m jazzed about this one.



  2. Just finished off inFamous Second Son, and may be loading up Shadow Warrior soon. I still have Life is Strange to work through, but in all honesty everything is going to be filler until D2 is released.

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    • Oh man, Destiny 2 has me incredibly excited. Also, we are so close to the beta!

      How did you like Second Son? I loved the first two InFamous games (and Festival of Blood), but I felt like Second Son was…off. I can’t quite put my finger on why.

      No matter what you choose to play, I hope you enjoy it!


      • I never played the 1st 2 inFamous games, so I don’t have anything to compare them to. However, when I looked up their trailers I could see that they were VASTLY different in setting and tone. I can see why Second Son would seem like a major departure!

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        • Even beyond the tone, there was something just…off. Second Son felt hollow to me. The first two games felt alive and engaging.

          Also, Cole was rad. Delsin felt…less rad.


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