E3 2017 Begins Tomorrow!

In just over 24 hours, E3 2017 will officially begin with the EA press conference. It’s hard to believe we have arrived on the doorstep of video game Christmas eve, but here we are.

I am so fully on the hype train, I can’t even tell you.

That being said, here is the schedule for each presser:

Saturday, June 10th
EA 12pm PST

Sunday, June 11th
Microsoft 2pm PST
Bethesda 9pm PST

Monday, June 12th
Ubisoft 1pm PST
Sony 6pm PST

Tuesday, June 13th
Nintendo 9am PST

I’ve seen a couple conflicting reports about the time of Bethesda’s presser (it was originally listed online as 7pm PST, and now it would appear it will be at 9pm PST), but I’m defaulting to the majority of outlets reporting it is at 9pm PST.

As in years past, I will be live-tweeting the events via Twitter, as well as providing recaps of the conferences immediately at the conclusion of each. You will be able to find the recaps here on my website as E3 progresses.

I’m looking forward to (hopefully) interacting with each of you in the days to come. All this excitement in the digital air is buzzing with possibility.

And with that, I will make this a short one since you’ll be seeing many posts from me in the coming days.

What will you be playing this E3 weekend? Which pressers will you be streaming and watching live?

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  1. Hey Rebekah! Glad to see you’re ready to go for E3. :) Just been playing Multiverse mode in Injustice. Thinking about picking up Battlefield 1 again for the SP. Have you ever repurchased a game you traded in? If so, what was your reason(s) for doing so?

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    • I may not feel great, but I’m not letting that ruin my E3!

      I hope you have a good time with Injustice!

      I have but now I’m struggling to recall which games. I think there have been two. Oh! One of them was The Last of Us. I didn’t enjoy the game when I played it on PS3 so I traded it in. I wanted to give the Left Behind DLC a try, so I bought the PS4 remastered version at some point on sale for a super low price.

      I can’t recall the other game I rebought. Hmmm…


  2. Less than 24 hours now! I’m brimming with excitement!

    I probably won’t end up playing all that much this weekend as I’ll likely be spending most of my time watching the conferences and simply immersing myself in all of the hype found throughout the internet. I may get a little time in on Prey, maybe.

    Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

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  3. I finally started in to Banner Saga 2, so I’ll likely continue with it through the weekend. I probably won’t watch any of the conferences live, but will much appreciate the recaps you provide. Thank you, in advance.

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