Recap: EA’s E3 2017 Press Conference

As with E3 2016, EA kicked off the pressers this morning for E3 2017. Here are the highlights from their presentation.

Leading the press conference was a trailer for Madden 18: Long Shot.

Andrew Wilson took the stage and mentioned the conference would be about eight new experiences. He teased that there would be 30 minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront II during the presser.

Andrew Gulotta took the stage to discuss Battlefield 1. A montage was shown of various streamers focusing specifically on Battlefield 1. An expansion called In the Name of the Tsar was discussed which includes eight new maps in total and various other benefits including new battle experiences. It will release in September.

Patrick Soderlund took the stage to continue to discuss Battlefield 1. He touched on EA’s involvement in the eSports scene. A montage of eSports players was shown.

A trailer for FIFA 18 was shown.

Men in Blazers took the stage to talk up FIFA 18. It would appear Alex Hunter (from FIFA 17’s The Journey) will be returning as the star in The Journey: Hunter Returns.

Jesse Wellens took the stage to discuss Need For Speed: Payback. Marcus Nilsson took over to flesh out the game. An extended gameplay trailer was shown.

Patrick Soderlund returned to discuss EA Originals. There are several new titles in development, one of which being A Way Out, by Hazelight. The game will be a co-op adventure. A trailer was shown.

Josef Fares (writer and director at Hazelight) took the stage to discuss A Way Out. It is a story-driven, co-op game, to be played in split screen. It will release early in 2018.

Patrick Soderlund returned to the stage to introduce SEED: Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division. He also discussed a new IP from BioWare: Anthem. A full gameplay reveal will be at the Microsoft presser on Sunday.

Sean O’Brien took the stage to introduce NBA Live 18. Two modes were discussed: The One, and The Streets. A trailer was shown.

Andrew Wilson returned to discuss the EA Play to Give campaign. They partnered with three charities and had nine in-game challenges to benefit those causes. He then introduced the Star Wars portion of the show.

Janina Gavankar took the stage to discuss Star Wars: Battlefront II. Battlefront II will have more than three times the content of the previous game. There are more heroes, planets, a deeper progression system, and content from across all eras. A trailer was shown of various streamers offering their thoughts on the upcoming installment. The world premiere of Star Wars: Battlefront II gameplay followed. A lot of things were blown up.

An extended look at multiplayer in Star Wars: Battlefront II was shown.

Patrick Soderlund returned to the stage to close out the show.

This felt like a reserved start to E3, and I’m looking forward to both pressers tomorrow. See you back here (and on Twitter) for Microsoft’s presser at 2pm PST. Cheers!

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  1. Not sure what to make of NFS: Payback or A Way Out. Both seemed bland, imho! The only reason I make pick up NFS is because of the history of the series. For me, I really wasn’t blown away by the content that as shown. Rebekah, any other thoughts?

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  2. Thank you for the overview! I wasn’t able to watch the press conference live. I’m excited for BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, and for the gameplay trailer tomorrow. It certainly hearkens to Destiny and Titanfall based on the teaser today. Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide between buying Little Nightmares this weekend or Prey during GameStop’s Pro Day sale.

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    • Of course! And honestly, you didn’t miss much. It was one of the more (and I hate using this word) boring E3 press conferences in recent memory. Of course, I’m not their target audience, so that could be part of it, too.

      I feel hopeful about Microsoft’s presser later today. With the already leaked information about the price of Scorpio being lower than anticipated, I’m hoping this means Microsoft will opt for a software heavy conference.

      I still need to play both of those games!


  3. I agree, this conference felt a bit reserved overall, but that’s sort of what I expected.

    With that said, A Way Out definitely looks like an innovative type of experience. If it turns out well I think it would be a cool game to play with my dad. It has been a long time since we’ve played a couch coop game together, therefore this one has my attention.

    Anthem looks cool and given the fact that it is a major new IP I feel like EA’s conference could have had more of a pop if they showed it off today. However, saving it for Microsoft’s conference tomorrow is obviously the better business decision, and so, I look forward to seeing more of it there.

    Finally, as a massive Star Wars fan I will say that Battlefront II looks simply incredible. So personally, I felt like they finished strong with that showing. I’m dying to see the campaign though and hope they show some of that soon.

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    • It’s what I expected, too, but holy good gravy, it was SLOOOWWW. At least for me.

      I think it’s neat that you want to play through A Way Out with your dad!

      For me, it’s hard to say that I’m interested in Anthem due to how little was actually shown. I’m interested to see more today during Microsoft’s presser.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Battlefront II segment but (personally) I felt it ran long. Either way, I think people are looking forward to it and I’m glad for that.


  4. Thanks for the recap! I watched the presentations while gaming, had hoped for something about The Sims Mobile. I know, silly of me of course, it would have been like cursing in church….😳

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    • Of course! Oh nice! What were you playing while it was running?

      I wish they had talked about some of their other properties, too. I had selfishly hoped for some sort of sequel to Alice: Madness Returns. Of course, that’s a LONG long shot.

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      • I was playing Breath of the Wild. You know, I bought it worrying that it wouldn’t be the game for me, but I’m having so much fun! I explore, cook, gather and find shrines. Of course there are enemies to slay, but I do try to avoid them if I can!

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        • I’m so glad you are enjoying it!! I remember reading something you wrote before but was it that you didn’t like Mario or didn’t like Zelda games? Either way, I’m super glad you are enjoying Breath of the Wild!

          I bought it for Wii U, but I’ve yet to play it. I hope to do it before the end of the year!

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          • You remembered correctly about the Mario games. I do like the Zelda franchise, but mainly of the graphics like Windwaker. Plus, I’m never any good at the boss battles. Used to play it together with my husband which was great fun though!

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