My E3 2017 Predictions

With the first E3 2017 presser only eight days away, I thought I’d offer up my predictions for each major presentation in the order they will occur. This is by no means a complete list, just what I find to be the likely highlights of each presser. I will also include what I feel to be long shots for each presentation.

Here we go!


As with most EA press conferences, we are likely to hear a great deal about sports franchises (FIFA, anyone?), and even more about their various Star Wars properties in development.

Long shot: A new Dead Space.



Since Microsoft is short on first party titles right now, I have a feeling much of this conference will be filled with Project Scorpio. I think we should brace ourselves for a lot of technical talk and a price point announcement. I also think we will hear more about Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, and perhaps more of Cuphead or Tacoma.

Long shot: A new Alan Wake.



Based on a teaser image Bethesda released of an amusement park with two areas under construction, I believe we will be seeing The Evil Within 2, as well as a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Long shot: The Elder Scrolls VI.



Every year we see at least a portion of Ubisoft’s presser dedicated to Just Dance, and I expect that will hold true again. We already know we will be hearing more about this year’s Assassin’s Creed (rumored to take place in Egypt), as well as next year’s Far Cry 5.

Long shot: Anything Blood Dragon. Please, Ubisoft. More Blood Dragon.



Brace yourselves here; I think there are a lot of possibilities on deck.

I feel sure we will see another trailer for Death Stranding. I doubt it will make any more sense than its predecessors, but any chance to remind the masses that Kojima is working on something, I think Sony will take advantage of.

It’s a safe bet we will see more of the upcoming God of War, and The Last of Us: Part II.

I feel it is likely we will see any amount of gameplay from the following games: Detroit: Become Human, Days Gone, Knack 2, and Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game.

As per a pre-E3 trailer Sony released, it would appear Red Dead Redemption 2 will make an appearance on the Sony stage. I feel confident Destiny 2 will appear as well.

I wouldn’t list these next to predictions under the “long shot” category, as I think they are likely, but I’d love to see Sucker Punch show off a new InFamous (and a remaster collection of the first two including Festival of Blood), as well as thatgamecompany show off their as-yet-untitled project. I also wouldn’t rule out seeing more of Dreams from Media Molecule.

Long shot/s: A Bloodborne sequel announcement and/or an Until Dawn sequel announcement.



I’m sure we will see more of Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and Arms.

Long shot/s: Animal Crossing for the Switch, and/or a new Metroid.


The Wild Cards

There are a few games I can picture getting announced, but on whose stage is anyone’s guess. I imagine a sequel to Dying Light being revealed isn’t out of the question. I also believe it would be a huge get for either Microsoft or Sony to have PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds reveal their console plans on either stage. For that matter, an official reveal of Borderlands 3 on either stage would be a welcome sight.


One of the aspects of E3 I am most looking forward to are all the surprises. Those games we didn’t see coming, but are coming and who knows how soon. I love that feeling of watching the pressers and getting an announcement so out of left field that it makes me cheer out loud. Those are some of my favorite E3 moments.

What are you hoping to see from each presser? What are your wildest hopes? What game reveal would have you cheering out loud?

Also, what games are on your weekend roster?

I’m just hoping to play anything at all. That would make me exceedingly happy. Cheers, friends. Be safe out there. And, as always, thank you for your support here. It means the world to me.

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  1. I’m definitely going to see something about Crackdown… I’ve been so excited for so long, it’s starting to get to the point where if I don’t hear something soon, I may just walk away.

    Also, a sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order would be AMAZING.

    Aside from those, I feel like I’m so out of the gaming news loop these days, I don’t honestly even know what to expect. Should be an interesting few days.

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    • I think it’s a safe bet that Crackdown will make an appearance, particularly since Microsoft is so anemic on first party titles. If it DOESN’T make an appearance, THEN I think they have real problems. I just hope their presser isn’t Scorpio-heavy, as console specs don’t seem to be what gets an E3 crowd going. But I’m worried that’s exactly what it will be.

      I still need to play Wolfenstein: The New Order. I actually really liked the 2009 entry.

      I’ve been doing my homework and I *think* I’m pretty close on most of these. I’m so excited that everything starts a week from tomorrow.


  2. Hoping to see more about Wolfenstein from a gamer’s perspective. I am excited to see Knack 2 seeing how the initial game finished. Also, I’d love to hear more about Spidey. God of War has me intrigued; not sure if it’s for me or not. Anything that deals with Sony I’m on board for. As for EA & Ubisoft they have some work to do. Hoping to hear something from RockStar. Capcom is always an interesting one to hear from. The devs of Injustice, Netherrealm (sp.) interested in what they may bring to the table.

    As for playing games, I might get TT’ Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend. Not sure what else. I have no games in the forseeable future. I plan to go back to Injustice 2 for the Multiverse mode & some online play with friends.

    Rebekah, what other thoughts, if any do you have? Are you streaming E3? Just curious! Get better soon!

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    • I think it’s very likely we see more of Spider-Man as it has been off and on rumored to come out in 2017. If it DIDN’T show, I’d be surprised.

      I don’t think we will hear from Rockstar proper (they almost never do E3), but in a Sony pre-E3 trailer, Red Dead 2 was part of the mix so it would seem we will hear at least a small bit more during their presser.

      Nice! Well, whatever you play, I hope you enjoy it. Does that mean you are already done with Injustice 2’s story mode?

      As I do every year, I will “cover” each presser as it happens and post an immediate recap of each. A couple of weeks ago I posted a piece outlining my “coverage” of all the pressers, starting with EA’s on Saturday.

      And believe me, I’m trying to get better so hard.


      • Hey Rebekah! Not a fan of Red Dead. I’m excited for those who are. I am close to finishing the story mode for Injustice. This is what the initial Injustice game should have been. As always look forward to hearing your post-E3 thoughts. 😆

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        • I hope you have a good time with the rest of Injustice 2.

          Aww, thanks! I just can’t wait. I think this E3 is going to be huge. I just have a sneaking feeling.


      • Hey Rebekah! Just finished Injustice 2 last night. I decided on the Superman ending. Might try & do the Batman ending. I’m curious as to if I have to replay the entire game. Also, plan to get TT’ Guardians of the Galaxy eventually. Looking forward to the E3 pressers. I am really interested in Sony, Ubisoft, & even Bethesda. Which conference(s) are you most interested in?

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        • Hey, congrats on finishing Injustice 2! I’m curious to know how the GotG game turns out. I’ve never seen either movie!

          I bet all three of those pressers are going to be great. But, I will absolutely admit, I am most hyped for Sony’s conference. I have a feeling something huge is coming.


  3. Good write up, on your predictions for E3.
    I want to hear more about:
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Borderlands 3
    I have mixed feelings about:
    Far Cry 5,
    It almost looks a little too dark. Stateside it’s just too close to home.
    That being said, I don’t want to rule it out just quite yet.
    Keep up the good work.

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    • Thank you! I do like my video game homework.

      Red Dead 2 has been teased to be on Sony’s stage, so I’m sure we will see at least a little more and probably hear about some type of content exclusivity for PS4. I do think Borderlands 3 is a super long shot but it would be nice to finally see it.

      Far Cry 5 is already a divisive title and we barely know anything about it. I just hope Ubisoft doesn’t back down or backpedal on their vision. Far Cry is known for having crazy premises, and I think this is a natural extension of that, particularly given the political state of the US. Life is pretty dark, lately.

      I’m not sure I’m doing any real work, but thank you.


  4. Death Stranding looks wonderfully bizarre, and I love all the actors involved, especially Mads Mikelson. I want to learn more about Far Cry 5, which seems especially relevant in the current political landscape. My prediction: Nintendo will announce that they are, in fact, agents of Satan, and we will all continue Switching merrily.

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    • I am right there with you on Death Stranding. I have no idea what is really happening and I love it.

      I’m also super excited for more Far Cry 5. I just hope Ubisoft doubles down on the game and doesn’t backpedal at all.

      HA! You may not be far off on Nintendo!

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  5. E3! I’m determined to plow through my workload this week and hope that next week I can relax and enjoy the E3 announcements. Fingers crossed. I’m pulling for Microsoft to come out with a system selling game. I’m looking forward to State of Decay 2. As an aside, given the release of the final episode for Telltale’s The Walking Dead season 3 I’m hoping that Telltale updates its engine. I hope that you’re on the mend and get some gaming time this weekend!

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    • YEAH!!! E3 is just the best time. I also hope you get to relax and watch the Microsoft presser! I’m guessing they HAVE to have at least one big IP up their sleeve. I’d love to see more State of Decay 2, and I’m interested in Crackdown 3 should it actually be there.

      I also really hope they update their engine. I feel like the formula and visuals are getting stale for folks, and I’d love to see them shake it up a little.

      Thank you! :)


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