One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

As if by some form of extreme irony, I have gotten significantly worse, health-wise, in the last 36 hours. This has not only put a stop to my newfound ability to game again, but to do anything at all other than huddle into a ball and try not to hurl everywhere (while also trying to keep still as my head feels like it is going to explode from the lava inside it).

So, while I would love to write about literally anything else today, sitting at my computer is very difficult and all I feel I should do is return to a horizontal position on a somewhat soft surface with my trusty barf bin close by.

So as not to make this a total waste, and I apologize if I’ve asked this before, but now that we are only two weeks out from E3, what are you most excited for? What do you hope gets time on stage?

With that, I apologize for my current lameness and hope I can return to actual writing about things of interest on Friday. Thank you for your understanding. Cheers, friends.

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  1. Don’t give up! Regroup! I hope that you’re feeling better. And I hope that my workload lessens. Then we both can play games joyfully. I’m excited for the video game bonanza that is E3 but I’m not particularly anticipating any given game. With Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor delayed, I’m nearly certainly committed to Destiny 2 and I’m hopeful that the new in-game group feature will help me raid. I’m simply excited to celebrate video games.

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    • I’m trying so hard to keep positive and to get better but I’m so frustrated. These last couple of days have been just awful. I just feel like I’ve been sick forever and that I will always be sick. I know it has to end sometime, I just have no idea when.

      I also hope your workload lessens! You deserve to get to play some sweet games!

      I am also so incredibly excited for E3. I am on that hype train with my engineer’s cap on and ready to sound the horn. :)

      I’m so SO excited for Destiny 2. I hope the new features work well and that they enable more people to raid and do group activities.


  2. Oh my, not good at all…I was so happy to read you were playing some games again, and now another setback 😒 Poor you!
    Do the doctors have any idea by now about what’s causing it?

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