Status Report: Week Nine (Hope In Sight)


So as not to perpetuate too much positivity, allow me to explain that I am, somehow, still sick. Still. Over five weeks later. The good (and hopeful) news: I get to see my doctor (finally) tomorrow. I’m hopeful that she will successfully diagnose what is happening and that I will, in short order, be on the mend.

But we shall see.

As you might have suspected by now, I have yet to play anything in over a month. In any normal year, that would be disappointing. This year, a year in which we have seen an amazing amount of quality games already released, is just ridiculous. I was already a bit behind. Now I’m painfully behind. Add to that that Horizon: Zero Dawn releases tomorrow (with several other heavy hitting releases in the coming six weeks), and I feel like I’m slipping further and further behind.

How will I ever catch up?

Honestly? I don’t know.

I think, right now, my focus is on feeling better. Once I have that ironed out a bit, I will be able to formulate a better plan to (somehow) catch up.

I’ve read some of the early reviews of Horizon, and I’m getting increasingly excited. Horizon was a game I never had any real interest in, but once the slew of excellent reviews started rolling in, my interest was piqued. I’m now actually quite excited to dive in. You know, whenever my system allows me to function like a somewhat normal human being again.

Before all this started, my partner and I were in the midst of playing the DLC for the original Borderlands, and I’m looking forward to going back to that. Nevermind that I am partway through three blockbuster games (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Titanfall 2, and Dishonored 2), and I am feeling the pull to complete some of those narratives. I keep wistfully ogling my PSN friends list and yearning to play the games everyone else is playing. I see people playing Yakuza 0 and I want to play it so badly. I see people playing Nioh and I want to try it out. I see people playing Final Fantasy XV and it reminds me that I have it sitting there, untouched.

When I’m back on my feet, my first priority will be finishing Resident Evil 7. I promised a friend I’d send my copy to him so he could play it, and I haven’t done that yet and feel lousy about it. I mean, I’m sure he is understanding due to the circumstances, but I still wish I’d finished it and gotten it in the mail sooner.

To be fair, I’m only getting outside every couple of days (when I have no choice but to take the dog out to the restroom, which makes me feel like I am literally going to collapse), and barely getting a shower every few days. I know that’s gross, but standing up makes me feel terrible.

Take care of yourself folks. When your health decides to take a great big dump on you, it’s no joke.

With that I ask: what did you play over the weekend? What are you most looking forward to playing this week? Are you picking up Horizon?

Please regale me with tales of your gaming. They are like cool drinks in the desert of my yuckiness.

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  1. I, too, have not played a game in more than a month. It’s been a rough month, what with everything that’s happened. I’m really hoping I’ll have more time in the future, but with the baby due and all, I think my gaming may be on hiatus for a while now. But we’ll see.

    Don’t worry about the RE7 thing – you focus on getting better!

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    • You have had plenty of reasons to not be playing, that’s for sure. I also hope you get some time here and there to play, but yes, you have a huge life-changing situation on your horizon. :)

      And thank you for being so understanding, but I still feel like a heel for not getting it to you ages ago. I just didn’t know this sick thing would be as weird as it is. :(


  2. I certainly hope that you get to feeling better real quick! Regardless of gaming, spending weeks miserably sick isn’t something that anyone should have to endure. Here’s nothing but good thoughts towards healing. Over the weekend, I almost finished the Gears of War 4 campaign, it’s chock full of Gears of War insanity (without becoming insanely hard). Also, I dabbled in Red Dead Redemption which I’ve determined is actually a horseback riding and carriage driving simulator. It’s fun but definitely dated. Meanwhile, I felt somewhat lost without competitive Overwatch matches and so I’m excited for season 4 this week.

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    • Thank you so much! I appreciate all those thoughts. :)

      Oh wow, RDR feels dated? I can’t say I’m surprised, but for some reason that makes me even more excited for the upcoming entry.

      Also, competitive is back! I hope you have a good time!


  3. I agree with Colton 100%; I’ll be playing Horizon probably starting tomorrow depending on what time I get home from the Dr.’s. If not, then definitely Wednesday. Glad to hear things are starting to become more feasible for you. Hate that you have been down this long. It feels like an eternity when you’re out sick. Get better soon! Expect plenty of Tweets & screenshots of Horizon. :)

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  4. The Turing Test, The Flame in the Flood, Witcher 3: Blood and Wine…No short-term plans to get to Horizon. Especially with open-world, 50+ hour games, I tend to wait until everyone has weighed in (in the positive).

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  5. I’m glad you’re finally getting to see your doctor. I hope you feel better soon Rebekah! I’ve been playing a few games on and off, mostly Pokémon Moon and Resident Evil 7. I still haven’t finished either yet but I managed to make some decent progress. I’m also thinking about picking up Horizon but have no idea when I’ll get to it. With all the already released and upcoming games, my wallet’s taking a hit. I hope you get to play something soon!

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      • Pokémon is pretty fun, I just finished the second island and am enjoying how much has changed since the original games since I’ve only played Red. I still haven’t got a very diverse team, but the ones I have serve me pretty well. I really have to stop catching every Pokémon since I know I’ll never use them but I get OCD about that sometimes.

        I’m really enjoying the atmosphere of RE 7. I like it because it feels authentic for the vast majority of my time with it. It’s like Condemned or Manhunt, that feeling that this is a scenario that could potentially happen makes the horror more effective to me. However, I feel the movement and combat is really slow which is most likely due to the VR compatibility.

        I haven’t picked up Horizon yet but that was mostly due to Amazon’s servers being down yesterday. I don’t know when I’ll get to it since on top of the above games Breath of the Wild should be arriving on Friday and I’ll be jumping into that immediately.

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        • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with catching one of every type of Pokemon! I do that, too!

          That’s an interesting point. I bet the movement IS slow due to the VR compatibility.

          Did your copy of Breath of the Wild arrive? Have you started it? If so, what do you think so far?


  6. It’s the usual suspects for me, Strange Journey and Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

    I hope everything goes well with your doctor visit.

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