What Are They Up To?


As time marches on, I’ve found myself thinking of what’s coming down the pipeline from various developers. Some have been more up front than others, but here are three of my favorites who have been quiet for varying chunks of time.



Sucker Punch

I’ve been increasingly curious about what Sucker Punch is working on. Every few months or so I find myself not only lamenting the lack of a remastered version of the Infamous series (I feel like very few games convey a sense of power as well as the first and second Infamous games), but painfully interested in what they have been working on.

Infamous released in 2009, Infamous 2 in 2011, and Infamous: Second Son (and First Light) in 2014. Based on those releases, we should be getting close to some sort of announcement. Nearly three years out from the First Light DLC, I’d expect they are knee-deep in whatever their current project is. I would, of course, love more Infamous, but I’d rather the series went back to the style of the first two rather than the direction Second Son took. I found the first two games engaging to a fault, but Second Son to be missing something I couldn’t put my finger on. I’m not saying I want Cole to make a return, but I do miss the style and tone of the earlier games.




I shouldn’t have been surprised at the fun I had with Dying Light; I’d played and loved the Dead Island games despite their rampant bugs. Dying Light seemed to iron out many of those issues, and I spent significant time tooling around Harran. As with Dead Island, Dying Light was better with a friend, and I found myself wishing there was more to play.

I wasn’t disappointed with The Following DLC, but, due to various situations, I ended up playing it by myself. The juxtaposition of solo play vs. co-op was hard to ignore.

Dead Island released in 2011, Dead Island: Riptide in 2013, and Dying Light in 2015. The Following DLC came out in early 2016, but we are now a couple years out from the release of the main game. I can only assume Techland may be working on a sequel, but I’d love to hear confirmation sooner than later.




One of the most meditative developers out there, thatgamecompany is one of my favorite developers. Each game has been more moving than the last, and I’ve often wondered in the last few years what they were working on.

Late last year they released the following Tweet:


But that is the extent of the information released.

Flow was released in 2006, Flower in 2009, and Journey in 2012. We are now five years out from their last release, and I expect we will be hearing more from them come E3.

I can hope.


With that I ask: what developer are you hoping to hear more from? Are there any that have been strangely quiet in the past couple of years and have piqued your curiosity?

Also, what will you be playing this weekend? Please regale me with stories of your digital exploits. I am still maddeningly sick (I get to see my doctor early next week!), and haven’t been able to play anything in over a month. Your stories feed my brain.

Please feed my brain. It’s so hungry.

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  1. Sucker Punch, the devs of Spec Ops, & Telltale Games. I’ll be playing the Ghost Recon beta this weekend. I might try to get into Tomb Raider again; it’ doubtful with Horizon on the horizon(pun intended!).

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    • I think Telltale is up to their ears in all the announced IP. Yager (the dev behind Spec Ops: The Line) has been working on Dreadnought.

      I hope you have a good time with Ghost Recon, and Horizon is almost here!


  2. While we know that Bungie (and High Moon Studios) are readying Destiny 2 for this fall, I’m curious to know details. The expansions have been one too many re-skins for me. The Destiny bug will likely hit me this spring but for the sequel I’m hoping for more overall mission or gameplay variety. Meanwhile, this is the first weekend in weeks that I’m not bogged down in work stress. Maybe I’ll complete the campaign in Gears of War 4 and then dabble in the multiplayer. Or put some hours into Red Dead Redemption to see if I’ll fall in love with the franchise in time for the sequel, the atmosphere has held up but the gameplay is aged. I still need to finish Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. But I keep looking longingly at the Mass Effect trilogy wondering if I should begin a replay while I struggle with the wait for Mass Effect Andromeda. Keep on feeling better!

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    • Oh man, I want to know details on Destiny 2, as well. I’m actually sort of surprised we haven’t heard anything…which leads me to believe that E3 will be the big reveal. No matter how it shakes out, I know I will play it.

      I’m glad your stress has been lessened! Also, you have so many games on your plate it is DIZZYING. I hope you enjoyed whatever you played over the weekend.

      And thank you! Tomorrow I finally get to see my doctor.


  3. Your breakdown of the development cycle for each of these devs has me excited that we may see a couple of cool announcements at this year’s E3. I do hope that’s the case! I’m also interested in learning about what Monolith Productions has been up to. Shadow of Mordor came out back in 2014 so they may be getting close to revealing what they have been working on since. A sequel perhaps?

    As for what I’m playing this weekend, lots of For Honor. I’ve been obsessed with the game since it game out and therefore will be spending the next couple of days playing as much as I can before I inevitably turn my attention towards Horizon Zero Dawn next week.

    Feel better soon Rebekah!

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    • I really believe we will at least hear from Sucker Punch as well as thatgamecompany at E3. And I’m guessing the big Destiny 2 reveal will be there as well.

      It’s funny you mentioned Monolith as the official announcement of the sequel came out today! So there we have it.

      I’m glad you are enjoying For Honor! What platform are you playing on?

      And thank you. :) I get to see my doctor tomorrow and I am hopeful.


      • What a cool coincidence that Monolith made the announcement for the next Middle-earth game just a day later, eh. After watching the reveal trailer I can say that I’m already really excited for it.

        For Honor is damn cool, it’s such a fresh, unique type of competitive multiplayer game. I was playing on PS4 but now that I’ve started in on Horizon Zero Dawn I’ve kind of shifted my focus. I’m also thrilled that I can say I’m enjoying Horizon a ton so far as well.

        This year is shaping up to be such a good one for games and it’s still so early!

        I truly hope the doctor can help so that way you can start to play again.

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        • Isn’t that funny? I couldn’t believe it when the announcement showed up the next day.

          I’m glad you are enjoying Horizon! My copy arrived yesterday and I got as far as unwrapping it. Progress. :)


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