Why Am I Not Excited?


I love when people get excited about all things gaming related. I love new hardware. I love new software. I love midnight releases where everyone is supremely jazzed about whatever game happens to be coming out.

All that being said, I find I have zero excitement for the Nintendo Switch or Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I’ve loved Nintendo for most of my life. I wanted the original NES so badly that, back in the day, I was writing poetry about it and Super Mario Bros. 2. That NES changed my life. I still have it, and it still works and I am ever so grateful.

I missed out on all the Nintendo consoles between the NES and the GameCube, and even my GameCube I got four years after it released. I had so much fun with it, and it got me back into gaming after a lengthy hiatus.

I had wanted a Wii pretty badly but was one of those folks who could seemingly never track one down. I managed to get one very early one morning after a friend tipped me off that a local retailer was getting some in. That was two years after the Wii released.

I got my Wii U in early 2013, and even though I had been excited about it, it has easily been my least used console to date.

I’m not huge into gimmicks, but I do love that Nintendo is always willing to take chances. That’s something I could certainly implement more in my day to day life.

As for Zelda, brace yourselves folks, I’ve never played a Zelda game start to finish.

I know.

The closest I’ve come was playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on my 3DS, but somewhere about 75% of the way through, I had to put it aside for something, and just never went back. The sad part is that I was having an excellent time with it, and it’s been so long that now I’d be worried I wouldn’t remember where anything was or what I was doing. That “fear” has kept me from it for the past couple of years.

I’ve watched my partner play through both Ocarina of Time as well as Twilight Princess (and some of Skyward Sword), so I’ve seen those entries all the way through, but I’ve never controlled a Zelda experience from start to finish.

Logic tells me that I would normally be at least moderately excited for a new console launch as well as a new blockbuster release.

Somehow, I am not.

Perhaps it’s because I still feel a bit burned by the Wii U, but I don’t know if that’s it exactly. I still feel like Nintendo is focused more on slightly strange hardware and less on making a plethora of great games.

And maybe because of my lack of experience with the Zelda franchise, I am less than ecstatic? I honestly don’t know. I’m thrilled for everyone who is excited for both the Switch as well as Breath of the Wild, but I’m not feeling it first-hand.

With that I ask: how do you feel about the Switch releasing this week? How do you feel about Breath of the Wild? Will you be getting either? Both?

I have a feeling I will eventually pick up either or both, I just have no idea when. To those that are excited, I hope you have an excellent time come Friday!

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  1. I’m excited for Breath of the Wild but I’m not picking up a Switch to play it. I’m perfectly happy playing it on the Wii U. I have similar feelings since I’ve barely touched my Wii U over the years and only when Nintendo brings out one of their big releases.

    While Zelda is one of my favorite franchises, I can see why others aren’t that into it. Since Ocarina of Time, each game does have a sort of formulaic approach to the overall gameplay. I didn’t like Skyward Sword overall due to the motion controls, but Breath of the Wild looks to be a title that will change a lot of these things.

    I also have mixed feelings regarding Nintendo consoles and their gimmicks. While I appreciate the effort to try something different, I feel it should be optional and not a core mechanic. This combined with making underpowered consoles keeps Nintendo from being a serious competitor and I feel hurts them in the long run. I’ll probably pick up a Switch when it gets a discount since odds are it’ll just be another console for Nintendo games.

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    • I will likely play it on Wii U, too. I’ve also only ever used my Wii U for the big releases, and even then, only a handful of them.

      Honestly, my feelings very closely mirror yours. I love that Nintendo tries to push the envelope, but it often feels overly gimmicky.


  2. I may pick it up used for the Wii U at some point, but am in no rush to play it or to try or acquire a Switch. For me, even something with “..Galaxy 3” in the name probably wouldn’t get me to consider another console at this point.

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    • More and more I’m considering trying to find a copy for the Wii U.

      I’m not sure we will get another Galaxy for a good long while, if ever, sadly. Here’s hoping Odyssey is decent.


  3. I’m with you. Even with the mega hype happening right now over the new Zelda game, I’m just not a big enough Nintendo and/or Zelda fan to justify buying a separate console. Personally, I’ve the goal to be a early adopter to Project Scorpio this fall, just to finally have a new console on day one, but we’ll see if I’ve the money for that once the launch day information is announced. Right now I’m enjoying my backlog and other than Mass Effect Andromeda I’m not anxiously awaiting any new games. Competitive Overwatch is back (so far in 2 for 3 in my placement matches) and I’ve games aplenty to enjoy.

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    • That makes sense; that’s a whole lot of money to basically drop on ONE game!

      It seems odd to me that we still don’t know much about Scorpio, though I imagine more will be revealed at E3.

      Nice work on competitive and you don’t have long to wait for Andromeda, now!


  4. Secrets revealed! You’ve never finished a Zelda game? That’s crazy! All that great ones were pre-GC though, hmmm. Might be on to something there.

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